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July 2013


Produced by the Organizing Committee of the 16th International Congress of Speleology. Published by the Czech Speleological Society and the SPELEO2013 and in the co-operation with the International Union of SpeleologyEdited by Michal Filippi, Pavel Bosák Contents: Preface Session: Exploration And Cave TechniquesRecent Investigations In The Gálapagos Islands, Ecuador / Aaron Addison, Theofilos Toulkeridis, Steven Taylor, Glenn Osburn, Geoffery Hoese, Vicente Delgado -- Quartz Sandstone Caves On Table Mountains Of Venezuela / Marek Audy, Richard Bouda -- Northern Velebit Deep Caves / Darko Bakšić, Dalibor Paar, Andrej Stroj, Damir Lacković -- Best-Practice Training Approaches For Mitigating Caving Hazards And Enhancing Cave Exploration Techniques For Small Groups Of Cavers / Aaron Bird, Melissa Sawa-- Caving In The Abode Of The Clouds - Meghalaya, North East India / Simon Brooks -- Cave Exploration In Iran / Simon Brooks -- Club Of Climbers As A Basis For Training Process Of Cavers / Anatoliy Bulychov, Tatyana Sorokina -- Explorations And Documentation On The Atepetaco Karst System (Hueytamalco, Puebla, Mexico) / Alberto Buzio, Federico Confortini, Claudio Cruz-García, Victor Cruz-García, Rosalia Davì, Jesus Domínguez-Navarro, Giovanni Gurrieri, Angelo Iemmolo, Diego Marsetti, Enrique Méndez Torres, Francesco Merisio, Giorgio Pannuzzo, Marzia Rossi, Sergio Santana-Muñoz, Marco Vattano -- Discovery And Exploration Of Evklidova Piščal, Julian Alps, Slovenia / Matthew D. Covington, Matic Di Batista -- Glacier Cave Expeditions 2012: Nepal And Svalbard / Matt Covington, Jason Gulley, David Ochel -- Speleological Expeditions To The Shan Plateau In Myanmar (Burma) / Joerg Dreybrodt, Imogen Furlong, Fleur Loveridge, Peter Talling -- Ten Years Of Exploration And Over 100 Km Of Caves Surveyed In Northern Laos / Joerg Dreybrodt, Michael Laumanns, Helmut Steiner -- Czech Discoveries In The Maganik Mts., Montenegro / Zdeněk Dvořák, Vít Baldík -- Exploration Of The Chestnut Ridge Cave System Bath And Highland Counties, Virginia / Mike Ficco -- Caves Of Tongzi, Tudi, Jielong, Wulong County, Chongqing, China - Six Years And Counting / Mike Futrell, Mike Ficco, Erin Lynch -- The History And Current Status Of Exploration In Yantangping Cave System Of Wulong County, China / Stephen Gladieux -- Underwater Exploration Of The Bjurälven Valley Cave (Sweden) Under Extreme Winter Conditions / Dmitri Gorski, Nicklas Myrin, Bosse Lenander, Markus Nord, Mark Dougherty -- Grotta Del Bue Marino - Sardinia / Daniel Hutňan -- Explorations In The Loferer Steinberge / Oliver Kube, Jochen Hartig, Renato Serôdio -- The Longest Limestone Caves Of Israel / Boaz Langford, Amos Frumkin -- A General Assessment Of The Great Caves And The Karst Of Southeast Asia / Michael Laumanns, Liz Price -- The Longest Cave In Hungary / Szabolcs Leél-Őssy -- Eu Proteus - Eu Project For Raising Awareness And Improving Effectiveness Of Cave Rescuing / Maks Merela, Darko Bakšić -- On The Search For King Barbarossa In Untersberg / Ulrich Meyer -- K Oox Baal - 4Th Longest Underwater Cave Systém In The World / Zdeněk Motyčka -- Geology And Deep Verticals: Case Study From Maganik Mts., Montenegro / Jiří Otava, Vít Baldík -- Kačna Jama (The Snake Cave) - Divača, Slovenia / Tomáš Roth, Karel Kocourek -- Imawarì Yeuta: A New Giant Cave System In The Quartz Sandstones Of The Auyan Tepui, Bolivar State, Venezuela / Francesco Sauro, Freddy Vergara, Antonio De Vivo, Jo De Waele -- Exploration Of High Altitude Caves In The Baisun-Tau Mountain Range, Uzbekistan / Evgeny Tsurikhin, Vadim Loginov, Francesco Sauro, Sebastian Breitenbach -- Kes Mountain Sinkhole (Kahramanmaras - Southeastern Turkey) / Ali Yamaç, Murat Eğrikavuk -- Premier Exploration Of The Caves Of Holy Mt. Athos, Greece / Alexey Zhalov, Magdalena Stamenova -- Exploration Of The Jasanka Cave In Banat, Romania / Vít Kaman, Petr Barák -- Cave Exploration Of The Belić Massif In The Prokletije Mountains (Montenegro) / Ditta Kicińska, Krzysztof Najdek -- Volcanic Caves And Petroglyphs Of Borluk Valley - Kars (Eastern Turkey) / Ali Yamaç -- Trapiá Cave: Exploration, Survey, Biology And Geospeleology Of The Biggest Cave Of Rio Grande Do Norte State / Leda A. Zogbi, Diego Bento, Francisco W. Cruz, Daniel S. Menin Session: Speleological Research And Activities In Artificial UndergroundThe Man-Made Underground Cavities Of North-West Russia / I.A. Agapov, Y.S. Lyakhnitsky, I.U. Hlebalin -- Gold Mines Of The 18Th Century: Past And Present / Iure Borges De Moura Aquino, Thiago Nogueira Lucon, Hernani Mota De Lima -- The Sugano Mines Of Orvieto (Italy): Aluminium From Volcanic Fire / Edoardo Bellocchi, Chemical Technician, Marco Morucci -- Workshops And Survey Results In The Chrima Cinp Project (Eu Programme Culture 2007-2013) / Carmela Crescenzi -- The Augustean Aqueduct In The Phlegraean Fields (Naples, Southern Italy) / Graziano W. Ferrari, Raffaella Lamagna -- Nero's Oven: Ten Surveys Are Not Enough / Graziano W. Ferrari, Raffaella Lamagna -- Research Prospects Of Old Mine Workings In The Ural Mountains / Alexey Gunko -- Kungsträdgården, A Granitic Subway Station In Stockholm: Its Ecosystem And Speleothems / Magnus Ivarsson, Johannes E. K. Lundberg, Lena Norbäck Ivarsson, Therese Sallstedt, Manuela Scheuerer, Mats Wedin -- Unfinished Railway Tunnel And Bunker At Godovič / Andrej Mihevc, Aleš Lajovic, Mateja Ferk, Jure Tičar -- Recognition Of Instability Features In Artificial Cavities / Mario Parise -- Classification Of Artificial Cavities: A First Contribution By The Uis Commission / Mario Parise, Carla Galeazzi, Roberto Bixio, Martin Dixon -- An Overview Of The Geological And Morphological Constraints In The Excavation Of Artificial Cavities / Sossio Del Prete, Mario Parise -- The Ancient Mines Of Usseglio (Torino, Italy) Multi-Year Programme Of Recording, Study, Preservation And Cultural Development Of The Archaeological Mining Heritage In An Alpine Valley Maurizio Rossi, Anna Gattiglia, Daniele Castelli, Claudia Chiappino, Renato Nisbet, Luca Patria, Franca Porticelli, Giacomo Re Fiorentin, Piergiorgio Rossetti -- Safe Caves: The Distinctive Features Of Hideout Complexes In The Galilee In The Early Roman Period And Parallels In The Judean Lowlands (Shephelah) / Yinon Shivtiel -- Artificial Cavities Of Gaziantep (Southeastern Turkey) / Ali Yamaç, Murat Eğrikavuk -- Subterranean "Bell-Shaped" Quarries In The Judean Foothills, Israel / Boaz Zissu -- The Ethno-Cultural Features Of Man-Made Caves Carved In The Neogene Pyroclastic Formation Within The Armenian Highland And Neighboring Areas / Smbat Davtya -- Underground Mines In Moscow City / Yuri Dolotov. Session: Karst And Cave Survey, Mapping And Data Processing1000 And 1 Caves In "Lefka Ori" Massif, On Crete, Greece / Kostas Adamopoulos -- Maquiné Cave, Brazil - Over 170 Years Of Cave Mapping / Luciana Alt, Vitor Moura -- Statistical Evaluation Of Cave Location Precision Based On Cartographic Sources / Miha Čekada -- Resurvey And Resource Inventory Of Three Fingers Cave, New Mexico, Usa / Andrea Croskrey, Jennifer Foote, Pat Kambesis -- Virginia Speleological Survey (Vss) Geospatial Database / Mike Futrell -- Lessons From Drafting Project Startup And Summary Of Exploration Advances In Fisher Ridge Cave System, Hart County, Kentucky, United States Of America / Stephen Gladieux -- Humpleu Cave (Romania): What's Up? / Philipp Häuselmann -- The Auriga Pda Freeware The Electronic Swiss Knife Of Cave Surveyors / Luc Le Blanc -- Quick 3D Cave Maps Using Cavewhere / Philip Schuchardt -- The Unified Database Of Speleological Objects Of The Czech Republic As Part Of Nature Conservancy Information System / Ivan Balák, Olga Suldovská -- Speleological Map Of The Kanin Massif / Miha Čekada, Petra Gostinčar, Miha Staut -- Integrated Three-Dimensional Laser Scanning And Autonomous Drone Surface-Hotogrammetry At Gomantong Caves, Sabah, Malaysia / D.A. Mcfarlane, M. Buchroithner, J. Lundberg, C. Petters, W. Roberts, G. Van Rentergen -- Natural And Anthropogenic Factors Influencing The Karst Development In The Ne Athens Area, Greece / Papadopoulou-Vrynioti Kyriaki, Bathrellos George D., Skilodimou Hariklia D. -- The Spatial Distribution Of Karst Ecosystem Using Gis In Attica, Greece / Skilodimou Hariklia D., Bathrellos George D., Papadopoulou-Vrynioti Kyriaki -- Claude Chabert And The Mapping Of Ayvaini Cave - Turkey / Ali Yamaç -- Re-Mapping Of Insuyu Cave (Burdur - Western Turkey) / Ali Yamaç, Murat Eğrikavuk. Session: Modelling In Karst And Cave EnvironmentsMicrometeorology Of Mt Cronio Caves, Sicily / Giovanni Badino -- New Acquisition, 3D Modelling, And Data Use Methods: The Laser Scanning Survey Of Re Tiberio Cave / Erminio Paolo Canevese, Paolo Forti, Roberta Tedeschi -- A Theoretical Framework For Understanding The Relative Importance Of Chemical And Mechanical Erosion Processes In Cave Streams / Matthew D. Covington, Franci Gabrovšek -- Evolution Of Conduit Networks In Transition From Pressurised To Free Surface Flow / Franci Gabrovšek, Matija Perne -- Analytical Models To Describe The Effects Of Tracer Mixing Before And After Advection And Dispersion / Sid Jones -- Is The Helmholtz Resonator A Suitable Model For Prediction Of The Volumes Of Hidden Cave Spaces? / Marek Lang, Jiří Faimon -- Anthropogenic Bias On Power-Law Distributions Of Cave Lengths / Stein-Erik Lauritzen, Rannveig Øvrevik Skoglund, Silviu Constantin, Fernando Gázquez, Johannes E.K. Lundberg, Andrej Mihevc, Christos Pennos, Rabbe Sjöberg -- Documenting Swiss Karst Aquifers Using Karsys Approach - Examples Of Recent Applications / Arnauld Malard, Pierre-Yves Jeannin, Jonathan Vouillamoz, Eric Weber -- Can Dripwater Hydrogeochemistry Help Us To Discover Hidden Upper-Lying Cave Floor? / Pavel Pracný, Jiří Faimon -- Cave Explorations And Application Of Hydrological Model In Rašpor Cave (Istria, Croatia) / Andrija Rubinić, Lovel Kukuljan, Ivan Glavaš, Josip Rubinić, Igor Ružić. -- Temperature And Kinetic Control Of Cave Geometry / Rannveig Øvrevik Skoglund, Stein-Erik Lauritzen Session: Cave Climate And Paleoclimate RecordAn Extended Late Pleistocene Record Of Water-Table Fluctuations In Devil's Hole, Nevada / Yuri Dublyansky, Christoph Spötl, Gina Moseley, R. Larry Edwards -- Review Of Paleoclimate Studies In Turkey: The Role Of Speleothem-Based Data / Gizem Erkan, C. Serdar Bayari -- Isotopes Of Gypsum Hydration Water In Selenite Crystals From The Caves Of The Naica Mine (Chihuahua, Mexico) / Fernando Gázquez, José-María Calaforra, David Hodell, Laura Sanna, Paolo Forti -- Forty Years Of Phreatic Overgrowths On Speleothems (Pos) Research In Coastal Caves Of Mallorca / Angel Ginés, Joaquín Ginés, Joan J. Fornós, Paola Tuccimei, Bogdan P. Onac, Francesco Gràcia -- Air Co2 In Comblain-Au-Pont Cave (Belgium) Relationships With Soil Co2 And Open Air Meteorology / Jean Godissart, Camille Ek -- Climatic And Environmental Changes Between 130-230 Ka Recorded In An Alpine Stalagmite From Switzerland / Anamaria Häuselmann, Daniel Tabersky, Detlef Günther, Hai Cheng, Lawrence R. Edwards, Dominik Fleitmann -- Spurious Thermoluminescence In Speleothem: Implication For Paleoclimate / Chaoyong Hu, Qing Li, Jin Liao, Quanqing Yang -- Presentation Of A Water Injection System To Control The Growth Of Speleothems At The Milandre Test-Site, Ju, Switzerland / Pierre-Yves Jeannin, Philipp Häuselmann, Marc Lütscher, Denis Blant, Pierre-Xavier Meury -- High Resolution Temperature Sampling Of Cave Climate Variation As A Function Of Allogenic Recharge, Coldwater Cave, Iowa, Usa / Patricia Kambesis, John Lovaas, Michael J. Lace -- Percolation Into Dragon's Tooth Cave, Florida, Usa / Karina Khazmutdinova, Doron Nof -- Preliminary Results On Paleoclimate Research In Mecsek Mts, Hungary / Gabriella Koltai, Sándor Kele, Gergely Surányi, Beáta Muladi, Ilona Bárány-Kevei -- A Study Of Temperature Characteristics In The Shallow Karstic Velika Pasica Cave, Slovenia / Allen Wei Liu, Anton Brancelj -- Climatic Features Of Different Karst Caves In Hungary / B. Muladi, Z. Csépe, L. Mucsi, I. Puskás, G. Koltai, M. Bauer -- Holocene Paleoclimate Reconstruction Based On Stalagmite Studies From Lebanon / Fadi H. Nader, Hai Cheng, Rudy Swennen, Sophie Verheyden -- Physical Research In Croatia's Deepest Cave System: Lukina Jama-Trojama, Mt. Velebit / Dalibor Paar, Nenad Buzjak, Darko Bakšić, Vanja Radolić -- Growth And Diagenetic History Of Aragonite-Calcite Speleothems, Implications For Environmental Studies / Christine Perrin, Laurent Prestimonaco, Guilhem Servelle, Romain Tilhac, Marion Maury, Patrick Cabrol -- Ultra- High Resolution Speleothem Records - How Far We Can Push The Time Resolution? / Yavor Shopov -- Variations Of Annual Karst Denudation Rates In The Last Two Millennia Obtained From Speleothem Records / Y. Shopov, D. Stoykova, L. Tsankov, U. Sauro, A. Borsato, F. Cucchi, P. Forti, L. Piccini, D. C. Ford, C. J. Yonge -- A Pronounced Extended Negative Temperature Gradient In The Pomeranzen Cave, Switzerland / Hans Stünzi -- Geomorphology Of Fossil Spring Mounds Near El Gedida Village, Dakhla Oasis, Western Desert Of Egypt / Magdy Tora -- Palaeoclimatic Investigation Using Cave Speleothes In Lime Decorated Lava Tube Caves On Jeju Island, South Korea / Kyung Sik Woo, Kyoung-Nam Jo, Hyoseon Ji, Seokwoo Hong, Sangheon Yi -- Possible Evidence Of The Stages Of Karst Development In The Pinega Region Of Northern European Russia / A. Ashepkova, V. Malkov, E. Shavrina, A. Semikolennykh -- The 5.3 Ka Bp Extreme/Weakening Event In The Asian Monsoon During The Middle Holocene; A Record In A Stalagmite From Wanxiang Cave, Western China Loess Plateau / Yijun Bai, Pingzhong Zhang, Xiaofeng Wang, Hai Cheng -- Isotope Analyses In Two Littoral Caves In Mallorca, Spain: Preliminary Results / Liana M. Boop, Jonathan G. Wynn, Bogdan P. Onac, Joan J. Fornós,Antoni Merino, Marta Rodríguez-Homar -- Radon Measurements In Austrian And Slovenian Caves With An Alphaguard Instrument / Christina Bonanati, Ingo Bauer, Stephan Kempe -- Element And Stable Isotope Aqueous Geochemistry From Baysun Tau, Uzbekistan - Tracing The Source Of The Dripwater / Sebastian F. M. Breitenbach, Ola Kwiecien, Francesco Sauro, Vadim Loginov, Yanbin Lu, Evgeny Tsurikhin, Antonina Votintseva -- Holocene Temperature Fluctuations In Central Europe Recorded In Stalagmite M6 From Milandre Cave, Switzerland / Anamaria Häuselmann, Adam Hasenfratz, Hai Cheng, Lawrence R. Edwards, Dominik Fleitmann -- A Multiproxy Approach To Reconstructing Paleoenvironmental Conditions From Speleothems In Barbados To Address Groundwater Vulnerability / Gilman Ouellette, Jr., Jason S. Polk -- Genetic Algorithms As Correlation Tools - Speleothems Stable Isotope Records As An Example / Jacek Pawlak, Helena Hercma -- Different Types Of Laminae In A Flowstone From La Cigalere Cave (Pyrenees, S. France) / Christine Perrin, Laurent Prestimonaco -- Climate Significances Of Speleothem 18O From Monsoonal China: Comparison And Verification Among Stalagmite, Instrumental And Historical Records / Liangcheng Tan, Yanjun Cai, Hai Cheng, Haiwei Zhang, Chuan-Chou Shen, R. Lawrence Edwards, Zhisheng An . Open Access - Permission by Publisher See Extended description for more information.


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