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International Congress of Speleology



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January 1981


Sponsored by The National Speleological Society Hosted by The Department of Geography and Geology, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky, U.S.A. July 18 to 24, 1981 Edited by Barry F. Beck. Table of Contents: bv sessions, in chronoloqical order Cave Management SymposiumThe resource potential of transvaal caves / Frances Gamble - pp 466-468 Problems of management of transvaal caves/ Frances Gamble - pp 469-472 Karst cave management modelling in the transvaal / Frances Gamble. - pp 473-475 Underground wilderness: A conservation principal and a management tool / Robert Stitt - pp 185-186 Interpretation as a primary tool in cave conservation management / Edward E. Wood, Jr. - pp 582-584 Protection of ice caves / Friedrich Dedl. - pp 640-641 Hydrology IPercolation Waters in Karstic Aquifers / Michel Bakalowicz - pp 710-713 Scallops / Alfred Bilgli - pp 82-83 Hydrology and Water Chemistry of Upper Sinking Cove, Franklin County, Tennessee / Jerry D. Davis and George A. Brook - pp 38-41 A Compound Karstic System: The Sakal Tutan - Degirmenlik - Karapinar System (Western Taurus, Turkey) / Claude Chabert - pp 699-700 An Underground Thermal Stream Discovered for the First Time in Kweichow Province, China / Mao Chian-chun - pp 323 Hydrology of the Rio Camuy Caves System, Puerto Rico / Arturo Torres-Gonzalez - pp 475 Recent Flood Pulse and Hydrological Studies on the Russett Well/Peak Cavern System, Castleton, Derbyshire, England / N.S.J. Christopher - pp 522-525 Hydrogeology of the Corchia Marbles (Apuane Alps-Italy): New Data from Water Tracing Experiments / Andrea Caneda, Paolo Forti and Stefano Querze - pp 743-746 Dye Trace Studies of the Unsaturated-Zone Recharge of the Carboniferous Limestone Aquifer of the Mendip Hills, England / H. Friedeiich and P.L. Smart - pp 283-286 The Geohydrology of the Ingleborough Area, England / R.A. Halliwell - pp 126-128 Some Characteristics of Karst Hydrology in Guizhou Plateau, China / Song Lin Hua - pp 139-142 Hydrochemical Facies--A Method to Delineate the Hydrology of Inaccessible Features of Karst Plumbing Systems / Michael T. Johnson - pp 627-629 Symposium: Evolution and Zoogeography of North American Terrestrial - Session IReview and Synthesis of the Evolution and zoogeography of North American Terrestrial Cave Faunas / S. Peck - pp 506-507 The Geological, Geographical and Environmental Setting of Cave Faunal Evolution / S. Peck - pp 501-502 Isopods (Oniscoidca) from Caves in North America and Northern South America" / George A. Schultz - pp 551-552 Cavernicolous Acari of North America / W. Calvin Welbourn - pp 528 Evolution of Hypogean Species of Dpilionids of North and Middle America / Clarence Goodnight and Maria L. Goodnight - pp 9-10 Cavernicolous Pseudoscorpions of North and Middle America / W.B. Muchmore - pp 381-384 Symposium: Evolution and Zoogeography of North American Terrestrial - Session IIThe Zoogeography of Eastern U.S. Cave Collembola / Kenneth Christiansen - pp 618-622 Cave Diplura of the United States / Lynn M. Ferguson - pp 11-12 The Carabidae (Coleoptera) in North American Caves / Thomas C. Barr, Jr - pp 343-344 Evolution of Cave Cholevinae in North America (Coleoptera: beiodidae) / Stewart Peel - pp 503-505 DenudationContemporary Limestone Erosion Rates in the Gunong Mulu National Park, Sarawak, East Malaysia / Michael J. Day - pp 329 A General Hodel of Karst Specific Erosion Rates / John Drake - pp 158 On Karst Denudation Research Problematic / Anton Droppa pp 355 Specific Dissolution in the Mediterranean Karstic Areas of France / Guilhem Fabre - pp 192-195 Rates of Cave Passage Entrenchment and Valley Lowering Determined from Speleothem Age Measurements / M. Gascoyne - pp 99-100 Geomorphology IThe Investigation of Old Karst Phenomena of the Bohemian Massif in Czechoslovakia: A Preliminary Regional Evaluation / Pavel Bosak and Ivan Horacek - - pp 167-169 Phases of Karstification in the Paleogeographic Development of Poland's Territory / Jerzy Glazek - pp 25 Glacial Controls of Speleogenesis" / John E. Mylroie - pp 689-691 Subarctic Karst Geomorphology and the Development of Organo-Karst Landforms in the Hudson Bay Lowland, Ontario / Daryl W. CowelL- pp 13-15 Karst, Covered Karst and Interstratal Karst in Glaciated Lowland Terrains of Canada / Derek Ford - pp 20 The Pre-Quaternary Palaeokarst of the Morecambe Bay Area, Northwest England / Stephen J. Gale - pp 210-212 Conservation/ManagementStudies of the Climatic Conditions for the Conservation of Decorated Prehistoric Caves; Two Operations: Lascaux and Font-de-Gaume / J. Brunet and P. Vidal - pp 659-662 Interfering in the Postojna Cave as Far as Protection of the Cave is Concerned / France Habe - pp 437-441 Visitors and Climatic Regime of Caves / Irene Halbichova and Antonin Jancarik - pp 125 "The Guacharo Cave", Eugenio de Bellard Pietre - pp 217-218 Management of a Biological Resource - Waitomo Glowworm Cave, New Zealand / Chris Pugsley - pp 489-492 Cave Conservation in the United States of America: An Overview in 1981 / Robert Stitt - pp 187-189 Photomonitoring as a Management Tool / Peter J. Uhl - pp 476-479 The Evolution of the Virginia Cave Commission / John H. Wilson, Robert W. Custard, Evelyn W. Bradshaw and Philip C. Lucas - pp 585-587 Multidisciplinary Research for Cave Management: The Waitomo Caves Research Program, New Zealand / P. Williams - pp 150 Cave Closing as a Conservation Method / Gyula Hegedus pp 401-402 Volcanospeleology/PseudokarstPseudokarst on Mars / Victor R. Baker - pp 63-65 On Some Underground Forms, Pseudokarstic, in France / Yann Callot - pp 682-685 Impact of 1980 Eruptions on the Mount St. Helens Caves / William R. Halliday - pp 174-176 North Carolina's Bat Caves: A Significant Region of Tectonokarst / Cato O. Holler, Jr - pp 190-191 The Genetic Relationship Between Breccia Pipes and Caves in Non-Karstic Terranes in Northern Arizona / Louise D. Hose and Thomas R. Strong - pp136-138 The Control of Karst Development with Reference to the Formation of Caves in Poorly Soluble Rocks in the Eastern Transvaal, South Africa / J. Martini - pp4- 5 Pseudo-karst Caves of Arkansas / Albert E. Ogden - pp 766-768 Soil Pipe Caves in the Death Valley Region, California / Bruce W. Rogers- pp 547-548 Tunnelcaves in Swedish Noncalcareous Rocks / Rabbe Sjoberg - pp 652-656 Entwicklung und Typologie von Pseudokarst - Untergrundformen der aussenflyschkreise in den west karpaten / Josef Wagner - pp 636-637 Geomorphology IIPalaeokarst as a Key to Paleogeography, Poland's Territory as an Example / Jerzy Glazek - pp 27 Geomorphology and Hydrology of the Carlsbad Gypsum Plain, Eddy County, New Hixico / Alberto A. Gutierrez - pp 45-47 Equilibrium versus events in Blind valley Enlargement / J.N. Jennings, Bao Haosheng and A.P. Spate - pp 1-3 Glaciated Karst in Norway / Stein~Erik Lauritzen - pp 410-411 The High Perimediterranean Karsts / Richard Haire - pp 788-792 Karst Drainage Patterns in the Quatsino Limestone, Northern Vancouver Island, Canada / Paul Hills - pp 117-119 Geomorphologic Evolution of a Karst Area Subject to Neotectonic Hovements in the Umbria Harche Apennines (Central Italy) / Hauro Coltorti - pp 84-88 The Development of the Lower Cretaceous Karst: A Comparison with the Plate Tectonics / Pavel Bosak - pp 170-173 Karstic Poljes Borders / J. Nicod - pp 27 Geomorphic Adjustments of Fluvial Systems to Groundwater Hydrology in Semiarid and Humid Karst / Steve G. Wells and Alberto A. Gutierrez - pp 739-742 Applied HydrologyPolicy for Karst Protection in France / Gerard Aime - pp 580-581 Applications of Speleology in Civil Engineering Works in Turkey / Temucin Aygen - pp 498 Subsidence Susceptibility Hodels for Dougherty County, Georgia, from Sinkhole and Fracture Distribution Data / George A. Brook and Terry L. Allison - pp 50-52 Karst Flooding in Urban Areas: Bowling Green, Kentucky / Nicholas C. Crawford - pp 763-765 On the Hydrogeological Characteristics of Karst Water_in China and its Exploitation / Yuan Daoxian - pp 316 The Impact of the Agricultural Land-use Cycle on Flood Surges and Runoff in a Kentucky Karst Region / Percy H. Dougherty - pp 267-269 The Inner Bluegrass Karst Regions, Kentucky: An OverView / John Thrailkill, Phillip E. Byrd, William H. Hopper, Hichael R. HcCann, Lawrence E. Spangler, Joseph W. Troester, Douglas R. Gonzie and Kevin R. Pogue - pp 336-338 New Contributions to the Problem of Dam Building in Karstic Regions / Adolfo Eraso - pp 348-350 Affectations of the Cyclones in the Karst / Angel Grana Gonzalez - pp 542-543 The Deep Karsts in Wujiang Valley at wugiangdu Dam Site / Li Maoqiu - pp 732-734 Karst and Caves of Castleguard Hountain, Rocky Hountains of Canada: A symposium Session II: Origin and Development of the Cave and KarstGeology, Geomorphology, and Glaciology of the Castleguard-Columbia Icefield Area / D.C. Ford - pp 37 Speleogenesis of the Castleguard Cave system / D.C. Ford - pp 281 Clastic Sediments in the Castleguard Cave / J. Schroeder - pp 496-498 The Antiquity of the Cave as Established by U-Series Dating of Speleothems / H. Gascoyne and A.G. Latham - pp 101-103 Glacier-ground Water Interactions and Quantitative Groundwater Tracing in the Vicinity of Mount Castleguard, Banff National Park, Canada / C.C. Smart - pp 720-723 Session III: Modern Physical Processes in the CaveThe Climate of castleguard Cave, Canada / T.C. Atkinson - pp 322 Radon Sources and Distribution in Castleguard Cave / P.L. Smart - pp 212 The Hineralogy of Castle guard Cave / R.S. Harmon and T.C. Atkinson - pp 428-432 Mechanisms of Calcite Speleothem Deposition in Castleguard Cave, Canada / T.C. Atkinson - pp 322 Session IV: Cave BiologyThe Fauna of Castleguard Cave / J.S. Mort and A. Recklies - pp 630 Stygobromus Canadensis, A Troglobitic Arnphipod Crustacean from Castleguard Cave, with Remarks on the Concept of Cave Glacial Refugia / J.R. Holsinger - pp 93-95 Speleogenesis ITunnel-caves and Natural Bridges of Northern Mediterranean Area / Jacques Choppy - pp 707-709 Speleogenesis Models for the Mammoth Cave Region, and Their Use as Predictive Tools for Southern Toohey Ridge, Hart and Barren Counties, Kentucky / James Currens - pp 75-78 On the Underground Stream and Cave Systems of Soliao Karst Area, Bama County, Guangxi, China / Yuan Daoxian - pp 317-381pp 647 Some Results and Limitations in the Application of Hydraulic Geometry to Vadose Stream Passages", Christopher Smart - pp 724-726 Subterranean Stream Piracy in the Garrison Chapel Karst Valley, Indiana, U.S.A. / David Des Marais - pp 196-199 Complex Groundwater Basin Migrations in Roppel Cave, Kentucky / Miles E. Drake and James D. Borden - pp 28-30 Cavern Porosity Development in Limestone: A Low Dip Model from Mammoth Cave, Kentucky / Ralph O. Ewers and James F. Quinlan - pp 727-731 Genetical Observations on Some Natural Cavities of the Masua Mine (SW Sardinia) / Paolo Forti, Giuliano Perna and Bruno Turi - pp 779-781 Speleogenesis of Carlsbad Caverns and Other Caves of the Guadalupe Mountains / Carol HilL - pp 143-144 Dynamic Re-adjustments in a Cave System Speleogenesis--A Result of a Base Level Surface Stream Abandoning 8 km (5 miles) of a Surface Meander Streambed / Michael L. Johnson - pp 630 MineralogyMuck Spreading on Speleothems / A.G. Latham - pp 356-357 Moonmilk, Two Questions of Terminology / R. Bernasconi - pp 113-116 Classification of the 'Stratified Calcareous Deposits in Function of Environmental Conditions / Jacques Choppy - pp 775-778 Genetical Observations on Some Macrocrystal Cave Perals Found in Two Caves of Lombardia' (Northern Italy) / Alfredo Bini and Paolo Forti. - pp 747-750 Hollow Calcite Crystals on Surfaces of Small Pools in the Liethohle/Sauerland, West Germany / G.F. Tietz - pp 362-363 Morphological and Mineralogical Features of Phreatic Speleothems Occurring in Coastal Caves of Majorca (Spain) / Joaquin Ginbs and Luis Pomar - pp 529-532 Preliminary Report of the Cave Minerals in China, South Korea, and Japan / Naruhiko Kashima - pp 250-251 Manganese Deposition in Limestone Caves / George W. Moore - pp 642-644 Systematics of Mineral Parageneses in Austrian Caves / Robert Seemann - pp 256-259 Recent Formation of Carbonate Mineral Association in Dolomite Caves, Franconia, West Germany / G.F. Tietz - pp 364-366 Contribution to the Morphometries of Stalagmites / Ivan Gams - pp 276-278 Biology INotes on the Cave Spiders of Papua - New Guinea / Paolo Marcello Brignoli - pp 110-112 Invertebrate Interactions with Microbes During the Successional Decomposition of Dung / Kathleen H. Lavoie - pp 265-266 Cooperation of Speleologist and Microbiologist / Kinga Szekely and G.L. Nogrady - pp 492 The Incidence of Iron Bacteria in an Australian Cave / H. Jane Dyson and Julia James - pp 79-81 On the Hyporheic Hydracarians of Cuba / Tr. Orghidan and Magdalena Gruia - pp 792 Sur L'Equipement Adeno-sensoriel du Pedipalpe de L'opilion Troglophile Sabacon Paradoxum Simon (palpatores, sabaconidae) / C. Juberthie, Andre Lepex and L. Juberthle-Jupeau - pp 810-813 Ecology of the New Zealand Glowworm Arachnocampa luminosa (Diptera: Mycetophilidae) in Caves at Waitomo, New Zealand / Chris Pugsley - pp 480-482 Morphological and Behavioral Adaptations of the Cave Cricket, Hadenoecus subterraneus, for Exploitation of Unpredictable Food Resources / Ellen S. Levy - pp 584 Ecology of Malheur Cave, Oregon / Ellen M. Benedict and Esther Gruber - pp 480-482 The Collared Lemming Dicrostonyx Hudsonius (pallas) from a Pleistocene Cave Deposit in West Virginia / Frederick Grady and E. Ray Garton - pp 279-281 The Tactics of Dispersal of Two Species of Niphargus (Perenial Troglobitic Amphipoda) / Marie Jos~ Turquin - pp 353-355 SedimentologyThe Palaeohydraulics of Karst Drainage Systems: Fluvial Cave Sediment Studies / Stephen J. Gale - pp 213-216 Morphogenesis and Sedimentology in a Quebec Cave: The Speos de la Fee (Matapedia) / Camille M. Ek - pp 104-105 Pebble Investigations in Slovene Caves (Yugoslavia) / Andrej A. Kranjc - pp 18-20 Sedimentologic and Speleogenetic Implications of Clastic Deposits in Central Lilburn Cave, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, CA, USA / John C. Tinsley, D.R. Packer and S.R. Ulfeldt - pp 291-294 Probable Cave Deposits in the Ellsworth Mountains of West Antarctica / John P. Craddock and Gerald F. Webers - pp 395-397 Thermoluminescence: A Method for Sedimentological Studies in Caves / Yves Quinif - pp 309-313 Speleogenesis IITectonism, Fractures, and Speleogenesis in the Edwards Plateau, Central Texas, USA / Ernst H. Kastning - pp 692-695 Gypsum Caves in Libya / Attila Kosa - pp 156-158 New Genetic Problems in Corrosion - Caves in Gypsum / Walter Krieg - pp 453-455 Analysis of the Structural Control of Speleogenesis of Lilburn Cave, California, United States / Gail McCoy - pp 319-321 Cave Systems Speleogenesis at the Karst Poljes of Slovenia (NW Yugoslavia) / Rado Gospodaric - pp 656 Formation of Great Underground Systems in Nakanai Mountains (New Britain - Papua New Guinea) / Richard Maire - pp 782-787 The History of Exploration of Canadian Hole / Peter Zabrok - pp 369-371 Le Gouffre B.U. 56 = -1192 metres (Massif de la Pierre Saint-Martin) / Jean-Francois Pernette - pp 574-576 MicroclimatologyThe Air Movements in the 'Grotte de Niaux' (Ariege), Consequences / Claude Andrieux - pp 323 Mathematic Simulation of 'Thermic' Airflow in Complicate Dynamic Caves / Antonin Jancarik - pp 103 The Regularities in the Formation of Gas Composition of the Air in the Large Karst Caves of Podolia and Bukovina / A.B. Klimchuk, N.L. Yablokova and S.P. Olshtynsky - pp 21-23 Ouaternary Climatic Change and Speleostratigraphic Development / S. Lang - pp 448-450 Carbon Dioxide in Coldwater Cave / Warren C. Lewis - pp 91-92 Mathematic Simulation of Baric Airflow / Jiri Botur and Antonin Jancarik - pp 142 Cryospeleology / Garry D. McKenzie - pp 266 The Breathing of Coldwater Cave / Warren C. Lewis - pp 89-90 Tropical GeomorphologySingle and Double Fourier Series Analysis of Cockpit Karst in Puerto Rico / George Brook and Ronald Mitchelson - pp 53-55 The Foot Caves in the Tropical China / Zhao-xuan Zeng - pp 479 Limestone Hardness and Tropical Karst Terrain TYpes / Michael J. Day - pp 327-329 The Geomorphological Features of the Karst in Guilin District / Zhu Dehau and Tan Pengjia - pp 145 Karst and Caves in the Turks and Caicos Islands, B.W.I. / Vojtech A. Gregor - pp 805-807 The Submarine Caves of Bermuda / Thomas M. Iliffe . Desert Gypsum Karst in Bir al'Ghanarn, Libya / Attila Kosa - pp 154-155 An Analysis on the Palaeographic Elements of Karst Development in the Wumin Basin, Guangxi, Southern China / Lin Junshu, Zhang Yaoquang, Wang Yanra and Zhao Zhongru - pp 738 Towards a Numerical Categorization of Tropical Karst Terrains / Michael J. Day - pp 330-332 Study of Features of the Karstic Depressions in South China / Chen Zhiping - pp 499-500 Geochemistry/GeophysicsStalactite Growth in the Tropics Under Artificial Conditions / Eugenio de Bellard Pietre - pp 221-222 The Classification-of Karst Waters by Chemical Analysis / N.S.J. Christopher and J.D. Wilcock - pp 526-528 Radiation Hazards in Natural Caves / Arrigo A. Cigna and Gian F. Clemente - pp 420-423 C02 Measurements in Cave Air: A Comparison Between Belgium and Quebec / Camille M. Ek - pp 672-673 The Relationship Between the Availability of Organic Carbon and Cavern Development in the Phreatic Zone / Julia James - pp 237-240 Carbonaceous Sediments in a Gypsum Karst (Hainholz/South Harz, Fed. Rep. Germany) / Stephen Kempe and Kay Emeis - pp 569-571 Radioactivity in Venezuelan Caves / Eugenio de Bellard Pietre - pp 219-220 Deep Ice in the Cave of Scarasson, Marguareis Massif, Maritimes Alps, Italia~ Michel Siffre - pp 112 Fluid Inclusions in Speleothems as Paleoclimate Indicators / Charles J. Yonge - pp 301-304 Etude comparee des variations des principales caracteristiques physico-chimiques de deux sources karstiques de Basse Provence en fonction de la nature geologique de L'aquifere / Tatiana Muxart - pp 518-521 Groundwater Geothermal Energy from Subsurface Streams in Karst Regions / Nicholas C. Crawford - pp 820 Hydrology IIA Karst Hydrology Study in Monroe County, West Virginia / William K. Jones - pp 345-347 Sea Tide Effect Study in Karst Caves on the Rim of Trst/Trieste/Bay / Primoz Krivic - pp 355 Hydrology of Harlansburg Cave / Kenneth M. Long and J. Philip Fawley - pp 387-390 Resultats das Observations Conduites Sur Ie Site Experimental de la Grotte du Lamalou (Causse de l'Hortus-France M~ridionale) / Henri Paloc, H. Bonin, M. Bonnet, J. Guizerix. A. Lal1emand-Barres. J. Margat and D. Thiery - pp 461-465 Empirical Confirmation of Curl's (1974) Flow Velocity Calculations / James A. Pisarowicz and Mark Maslyn - pp 772-774 La Dissolution du Calcaire dans la Partie Superieure du Bassin de la Riviere aux Saurnons, Anticosti, Quebec / Jean Roberge - pp 393-394 Major Groundwater Flow Directions in the Sinking Creek and Meadow Creek Drainage Basins of Giles and Craig Counties, Virginia, USA / Joseph W. Saunders, R. Keith Ortiz and William F. Koerschner, III - pp 398-400 Quantitative Dye Tracing in an Alpine Karst Environment / Christopher Smart - pp 587 Variation of Conduit Flow Velocities with Discharge in the Longwood to Cheddar Rising System, Mendip Hills / P.L. Smart ..333-335 An Example of Karstic Drainage, the Hydrological System of Eynif (Western Taurus, Turkey) / Claude Chabert - pp 701-702 Hydrogeology of Northern Fayette County and Southern Scott County, Kentucky, USA / Lawrence E. Spangler and John Thrailkill - pp 553-555 Aquatic Faunas IPreliminary observations on foraging behavior in a hypogean crustacean community / D.L. Bechler and A. Fernandez - pp 66-67 The effect of competition on species composition of some cave communities / D.C. Culver - pp 207-209 Fauna of anchialine (coastal) cave waters, its origin and importance / B. Sket. - pp 645-647 Ecosystem of a deep confined aquifer in Texas / G. Longley - pp 611 A Karst Ecosystem - the Dorvan Massif (Ain. France) V-Drift of Invertebrates, Organic Matter and Minerals out of the Massif / J.Gibert - pp 223-227 Subterranean phreatic biocoenoses of northwestern Iran / G.L. Pesce - pp 566-567 Ecology and taxonomy of marine cave invertebrates in the Bahama Islands / J.H. Carpenter - pp 24-25 Respiratory metabolism comparison of Niphargus Rhenorhodanensis (subterranean crustacea, amphipoda) from two different karstic systems / J. Mathieu - pp 793-795 Occurrence of Jaera (Isopoda, Asellota, Janiridae) in the hypogean domain / J.P. Henry - pp 670-671 Experimental breeding of the U.S. cavernicolous crustacean Caecidotea recurvata (Steeves, 1963) / G. J. Magniez - pp 241-242 Aquatic Faunas IIThe subterranean Caecidotea of the Interior Low Plateaus / J.J. Lewis - pp 234-236 Comparison of acute toxicity of cadmium, chromium, and copper between two distinct populations of hypogean isopods (Caecidotea sp.) / A.D. Bosnak and E.L. Morgan - pp 72-74 Population ecology of the troglobitic isopod crustacean Antrolana lira Bowman (Cirolanidae) / T.L.Collins and J.R.Holsinger - pp 129-132 Ecology of crayfishes from West Virginia caves / S.C. Van Luik - pp 657-658 Agonistic behavior in the Arnblyopsidae, the spring, cave and swamp fishes / D.L. Bechler - pp 68-69 Agressive behavior in the European cave salamander Proteus anguinus / J. Parzefall, J.P. Durand and B. Richard - pp 415-419 Sensory compensation in the darkness: comparative study of the prey detection in the cave living vertebrate Proteus anguinus / J.P. Durand, J. Parzefall and B. Richard - pp 31-34 SpeleochronologyRadiometric Dating of Polish Cave Speleothems: Current Results / Jerzy Glazek and Russell S. Harmon - pp 424-427 A Late Pleistocene Chronologic Record in Southeastern Minnesota / Richard S. Lively, E. Calvin Alexander, Jr. and Jodi Milske - pp 623-626 A Climate Record of the Yorkshire Dales for the Last 300.000 Years / M. Gascoyne - pp 96-98 Phreatic Speleothems in Coastal Caves of Majorca (Spain) as Indicators of Mediterranean Pleistocene Paleolevels / Angel Ginls, Joaquin Ginls and Luis Pomar - pp 533-536 Geological Development and Age of the Caves in the Moravian Karst (Czechoslovakia) / Vojtech A. Gregor - pp 808-809 Geochronology of Speleothems from the Flint Ridge - Mammoth Cave System, Kentucky, USA / John W. Hess and Russell S. Harmon - pp 433-436 Magnetostratigraphy from Speleothems: Establishment and Applications / A.G. Latham - pp 358-361 The Archanthropinae of the Petralonian Cave / Nickos A. Poulianos - pp 508-510 Horsethief Cave: An Early Pleistocene Cavern / Wayne M. Sutherland - pp 608-611 Geomorphology IIILa Genese des Formes du Karst de la Haute-Saumons, Facteurs Determinants / Jean Roberge - pp 391-392 The Shape of Gypsum Bubbles / Richard L. Breisch and Fred L. Wefer - pp 757-759 Reflections on Karst Geomorphology Research in Italy: 1960-80 / Ugo Sauro - pp 563-565 Evapori te Karst Gypsum Plain, Culberson County, Texas / A. Richard Smith - pp 482 Solute Uptake on a Magnesian Limestone Hillslope / S.T. Trudgill, A.M. Pickles and R.W. Crabtree - pp 351-352 Simulation of Rock Pendants - Small Scale Experiments on Plaster Models / Stein-Erik Lauritzen - pp 407-409 Karst Development in Siliceous Rocks, Venezuelan Guiana Shield;, France Urbani - pp 548 Geography of the Friars Hole Cave System, USA / Douglas M. Medville - pp 412-414 Gypsum-Anhydrite Karst on the Territory of the USSR / K.A. Gorbanova pp778 Dinaric Karst Poljes and Neotectonics / Peter Habic pp 797 Archeology/PaleontologyThe Scanning Electron Microscope as an Adjunct to Environmental Reconstruction in Archeological Sites / Peter A. Bull - pp 340-342 Archeological Investigations in Sand Cave, Kentucky / George M. Crothers - pp 374-376 Cuban Rupestrian Drawings / Antonio Nunez Jiml!nez - pp 282 First Extinct Vertebrates from Mammoth Cave, Kentucky / Ronald C. Wilson. - pp 339 The Geranium Cave of Rethymnon, Crete / Anna Petrochilou ..456-457 Cave Explorations and Archaeological Discoveries in the Cockpit Karst of Peten, Guatemala / Michel Siffre and Gerard Cappa. - pp 286 Vertebrate Fossils in Lava Tubes in the Galapag9s Islands / David Steadman - pp 549-550 A Cups tone Petroglyph of Possible Astronomical Significance from an Early Woodland Site in the Karst Region, Jackson County, Kentucky / Ken Tankersley - pp 760-762 Paleontology and Archeology of Jaguar Cave, Tennessee / Louise Robbins, Ronald C. Wilson and Patty Jo Watson - pp 377-380 The Mammalian Fossils of Muskox Cave, Eddy County, New Mexico / Lloyd Logan - pp 159-160 The 'Karstic reactivation' theory and the Epipalaeoli thic sites of Northern Spain / Manuel R. Gonzalez Morales - pp 751-752 HistoryA Pioneer in Speleology: The Swiss Painter Casper Wolf (1735-1783) / Pierre Strinati - pp 458 Early American Speleological Writings / Jack Speece - pp 183-184 Pioneers of North American Cave and Karst Science Prior to 1930 / Ernst Kastning - pp 247-249 History and Contributions of the Western Speleological Survey / William R. Halliday - pp 177-178 DocumentationThe Cave Research Foundation / Richard A. Watson and Philip M. Smith - pp 372-373 Some Problems of Cave Names / Paolo De Simonis - pp 324-326 Cave Research in Switzerland / Urs Widmer - pp 638-639 Thesaurus of Hungarian Speleo1ogy, Project of an International 'Speleosaurus''', Laszlo Lenart - pp 634-635 Statistical Study of the Great Caves of the World / Jacques Choppy and Pascale Choppy - pp 703-706 Techniques/EquipmentAccuracy Evaluation of Electromagnetic Locating / Charles Bishop and Frank S. Reid - pp 70-71 Matching Cave Gear to Cave Hazards / David R. McClurg - pp 252-253 The Relations Between Technique and Aesthetiques in Underground Photography: The Position of the Cameras and the Lighting / Francois-Marie Callot and Yann Callot - pp 679-681 On Measuring Caves by Volume / Primoz Jakopin ..270-272 Self Tests for Conservation Awareness and Caving Skills / David R. McClurg - pp 254-255 Le Secours Souterrain en France / Pierre Rias - pp 674-678 Long-term Single Free-Run Experiments and their Results as a Performance Predictability Index in Astronauts / Michel Siffre - pp 112 MappingLarge Cave-System Database Management: A Simple Concept, Yet a Complex Solution / James D. Borden - pp 615-617 An Evaluation of the Polaroid Ultrasonic Ranging System as a Tool for Cave Surveying / Richard L. Breisch and Michael Maxfield - pp 753-756 Analysis of the Propagation of Error in Cave Surveys / Thomas A. Kaye - pp 800-801 A Comparison of Expected Survey Errors with Closure Adjustments / Robert Thrun - pp 648-649 Der hypsometrische Hohlen-Ubersichtsplan / Gunter Sturnrner - pp 260-261 Evolutionary EcologyRegressive Evolution and Phylogenetic Age / Horst Wilkens - pp 622 Regression of the Locornotion-Controlling System in Cavernicolous Carabid Beetles / Friedrich Weber - pp 667-669 The Activity Controlling Time-System in Epigean and Hypogean Populations of Astyanax mexicanus (Characidae, Pisces) / Wilhelmine Erckens - pp 796-797 Demographic Characteristics of Carabid Cave Beetles / Thomas Kane - pp 451-452 Variations in Life Histories of Linyphiid Cave Spiders / Thomas Poulson - pp 60-62 Remarks on the Origin and Distribution of Troglobitic Spiders / Christa L. Deelman-Reinhold - pp 305-308 The Ecology of Bat Guano in Tamana Cave, Trinidad, W.I. / Stuart Hill. - pp 243-246 The Community Structure of Arthropods Associated with Bat Guano and Bat Carcasses in Tumbling Creek Cave, Missouri / Barbara Martin - pp 3 Cave DivingRescue Cave Divers and Their Equipment / Thomas Cook - pp 314-315 The World's Longest Underwater Cave / Sheck Exley and Ned Deloach - pp 16-17 Techniques de Progression en Riviere Souterrain a Gros Debit / Jean-Francois Pernette - pp 572-573 Cave Diving in England in the 1950's / Oliver C. Wells - pp 735-737 The NSS Cave Diving Section / Thomas Cook - pp 315 Social SciencesCaving Education in Quebec / Daniel Caron - pp 577-579 Le Medicalisation des Secours en France 'Le Point en 1980' / F. Guillaume - pp 650-651 Caving Activity and Sensation Seeking of N.S.S. Members: A Psychological Profile / Penny R. Lukin and Barry F. 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