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National Cave & Karst Management Symposia; NCKMS



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National Cave and Karst Management Symposia

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November 2005


17th National Cave and Karst Management Symposium, October 31 - November 4, 2005, Albany, New York.Contents: Macro-Invertebrate Survey of Timpanogos Cave / Jon Jasper - Dr Riley Nelson -- Cave Resource Inventories: Why are they Important? / Johanna Kovarik - Pat Kambesis -- Cave Faunal Study for the Interstate 66 E.I.S (Somerset to London, Kentucky) / Julian J. Lewis - Salisa L. Lewis -- Hawaiian Cave Biology: Status of Conservation and Management / Fred D. Stone - Francis G. Howarth -- Microbial Speleology: Opportunities and Challenges / Diana E. Northup - Penelope J. Boston -- Critical Issues in Cave Biology / William R. Elliott -- Bacteria as Indicators of Human Impact in Caves / Kathleen H. Lavoie - Diana E. Northup -- Missouri's Cave Focus Areas / William R. Elliott -- Cave Management Guidelines for Western Mountain National Parks of Canada / Greg Horne -- Strategy for Managing Alpha Radiation in Show Caves to Protect Caves, Cave Employees, and Cave-Businesses / Thomas Aley - Kimberly Castillon - John Sagendorf -- Studying Cave Visitation Trends at Timpanogos Cave National Monument and Nutty Putty Cave / Jon Jasper -- History of Resource Management: Conflict and Resolution, Howes Cave, New York / Steven J. Stokowski - Paul A. Rubin - Benson P. Guenther -- Cave and Karst Centers of Excellence / James R. Goodbar -- Collaborative Efforts Between University and Non-Profit Groups in The Evaluation of Cave and Karst Resources / Melissa Hendrickson - Richie Kessler -- Digging: Guidelines for Cavers and Resource Managers / William K. Jones - David C. Culver - Philip C. Lucas -- Very Small and Eclectic Caves: Conservation and Management Issues / Ernst H. Kastning -- Experimental Research on the Use of Thermography to Locate Heat Signatures from Caves / Jim Thompson - Murray Marvin -- Photography and The Digital Image Workflow as Cave Management Tools / Kevin Downey -- Correlating Geophysics and Cave Cartography for Greater Accuracy and Application / Jeremy A Tallent - Nicholas C. Crawford - Patrica Kambesis -- Assessment of Atrazine Within a Karst Landscape In Rough River Lake Reservoir, Kentucky / Scotty R. Sharp -- How are we doing? Evaluation of Cave and Karst Programs / Kathleen H. Lavoie - Louise D. Hose -- 2007 NCKMS, Saint Louis, Missouri / William R. Elliott - Jim Kaufmann -- Strategies for Accessing and Monitoring High-Flow, Submerged Cave Systems In Central Florida / Terrence N. Tysall - Amy L. Giannotti - Rima B. Franklin -- The Global Karst Digital Portal: an Emerging Collaboratorium Will Enhance Information Exchange Among Cave and Karst Managers / Louise D. Hose - Robert Brinkmann - Diana E. Northup -- Using Sandblasting to Remove Graffiti in Bloomington Cave, Utah / Jon Jasper - Kyle Voyles -- Down Under! Incorporating Cave and Karst Research Into Primary and Secondary Education / Amy L. Giannotti - Rima B. Franklin - Terrence N. Tysall -- Monitoring and Environmental Microclimate Data Obtained From Studies of Hibernacula Sites within Caves in West Virginia / Mike Masterman - Todd Leonhardt -- The Forgotten Bat Caves: Recognizing and Managing Bat Caves Even When There Are No Bats / Jim Kennedy -- Bat Gates for Large Colonies and Maternity Sites / Roy Powers - Jim Kennedy -- The MDC Method: Counting Bats with Infrared Video / William R. Elliott - James E. Kaufmann - Stephen T. Samoray - Sara E. Gardner -- Ecological Restoration of Stuart Bat Cave, Kickapoo Cavern State Park, Texas / Jim Kennedy -- Lava Cave Management in Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park / Fred D. Stone - Francis G. Howarth - Jadelyn Moniz Nakamura -- Developing a 3D Model in GIS to Assess the Potential Extent of the Jewel Cave System: A Tool for Managing the Unknown / Michael E. Wiles -- Mapping Surface Geology to Protect Cave and Karst Resources of the Jewel Cave System / Michael E. Wiles -- Protecting Virginia's Caves and Karst Through the Environmental Project Review Process / Wil Orndorff - Rene Hypes - Phil Lucas - Joey Fagan - Carol Zokaites - Zenah Orndorff - Charlotte Lucas - Benjamin Schwartz -- Thinking About Karst and World Heritage / Elery Hamilton-Smith -- Karst Management in British Columbia: The Transition to a Results-based Forest Practices Framework and the Legally Supported Practice Requirements for Karst Resource Features / Paul Griffiths - Peter Bradford - Bob Craven - Bill Iâ€(tm)Anson - Carol Ramsey - Tim Stokes -- Chinese American Cooperation in Cave Management and Study at Wanhua Cave, Hunan Province, China / Patricia Kambesis - Jiang Zhongcheng - Chris Groves - Andrea Croskrey - Johanna Kovarik -- Castleguard Cave Digital Mapping Volunteerism over Four Decades / Greg Horne -- Karst Conservation in the Ozarks: Forty Years at Tumbling Creek Cave / William R. Elliott - Thomas J. Aley -- The Missouri Caves and Karst Conservancy: Twelve years of Cave Conservation in Missouri / James E. Kaufmann -- McFails Cave, the Beginning of NSS Cave Ownership and Development of a Model for Interactive Cave Management / Fred D. Stone -- The Oregon Cave Controversies and The National Commission on Risk Assessment and Risk Management / William R. Halliday -- The National Park Service's Cave and Karst Management Program / Ronal Kerbo -- Facilitating Research at Carlsbad Caverns National Park / Dale L. Pate -- Source Area Delineation of Russell Cave National Monument and Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Parks / Brian D. Sakofsky - Nicholas Crawford. Open Access - Permission by Publisher Northup Database Collection See Extended description for more information.


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