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National Cave & Karst Management Symposia; NCKMS


G. Thomas Rea



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National Cave and Karst Management Symposia

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October 2001


15th National Cave and Karst Management Symposium, October 16-19, 2001, Tucson, Arizona.Contents: National Cave and Karst Research Institute--Initial Activities / Zelda Chapman Bailey -- Cave Management Plans: Targeting Your Audience / Bruce Bowman -- The West Virginia Cave Conservancy: Growing Through Acquisition Problems and Their Solutions / Jeff Bray -- Dying to Go Caving, 50 Years of Fatal Accidents in North America / -- Bob Buecher -- Karst Management in Urban Areas / Nicholas C. Crawford -- Caves and Karst of the National Park Service / David Alan Ek -- The Hoffman Institute, Cave Research Foundation China Karst Scientific Program / Chris Groves et al. -- A World Perspective on Cave and Karst Protection / Elery Hamilton-Smith -- The Ozark National Scenic "Karstways" / R. Scott House -- A Prerequisite to Managing Karst Systems: A Model for Evaluating the Basic Elements of Karst Development / Pat Kambesis - Chris Groves -- Protecting Karst Resources Requires an Understanding of Karst Resources / Joe Meiman - Chris Groves - Ron Kerbo -- Performing Monitoring and Air Studies with In-cave Weather Stations / Henry Schneiker -- Human Factors in Resource Management and Conservation Programs . . . or . . . Is it Good to be the King? / Daniel Smith -- Karst Vulnerability Assessment Procedures and their Linkage to Forest Management Guidelines, British Columbia / Tim R. Stokes - Paul A. Griffiths -- Conflict Among User Groups / Jerry Trout -- Lincoln National Forest, Guadalupe Ranger District, Cave Permit System / Ransom Turner -- Management of Karst in Pleistocene Aeolianite / Susan White -- The Geology and Management of Coyote Cave, Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota / Joel Despain -- Restoration of Skull Ice Cave, Lava Beds National Monument / Kelly Fuhrmann -- Protecting Privately-owned Caves / Heather Garland -- Developing a Cave Potential Map of Wind Cave to Identify Land Management Partners and Guide Land Management Decisions / Rodney D. Horrocks - B.W. Szulaski -- Development and Management of Glenwood Caverns / Bob Koper -- Leonard Springs Nature Park: A Karst Property Focusing on Conservation and Education / Kriste Lindberg -- Management Issues and Threats to the Longest Cave / Joe Meiman - Hilary Lambert Hopper - Roger W. Brucker -- Lechuguilla Cave Culvert Replacement Project / Jason M. Richards -- Cave Management Plans for an Underground Laboratory: La Cueva de Las Barrancas, Prototype Site for Mars Studies / Jim C. Werker - Val Hildreth-Werker -- House Joint Resolution No. 161: a Legislative Mandate to Study Karst Groundwater Monitoring in Virginia / Terri Brown -- The Mapping and Classification of Cave Geomorphic Processes with in the United States / David Alan Ek -- Interagency Cooperative Sinkhole Protection and Karst Remediation in Virginia / Joseph H. Fagan - Wil Orndroff -- Towards a Comprehensive Sinkhole Classification Scheme for Land Use Planning / Wil Orndroff - Joey Fagan -- Apokryptic (Concealed) Karst: A Problem for Resource Management and Rurban Development in Southern Arizona, USA / William D. Peachy -- Evidence of Paleoseismicity in the Caves of Arizona and New Mexico (USA) / Roberta Serface - Eric Gilli -- Karst Water Demonstration / Sandy Trout -- Karst in Arid Australia / Nicholas White -- Temporal Variation in the Emergence Flights of the Bat, Myotis velifer, from Caves in Southern Arizona / Debbie C. Buecher -- An Incidental Take Permit for Endangered Karst Invertebrates in Bexar County, Texas / Steven W. Carothers - K. White - C. Berkhouse -- Reasons Why We Should be Mindful of Microbes When We Consider Karst Systems: Impacts on Karst Development / Tricia Coakley - S. Wright - L. Elliott -- The Missouri Cave Life Survey / William R. Elliott -- A DNA Fingerprinting Technique to Survey Microbial Diversity in Caves / Rick Fowler et al. -- Cave and Mine Adits as Wildlife Resources in the Sonoran Desert Region / Kenneth J. Kingsley - T.R. Strong - T.K. Snow -- How Much Surface Habitat is Enough? Preserve Design and Application for Cave-limited Species / Jean Krejca et al. -- Managing Endangered Species: Charting the Course of the Illinois Cave Amphipod with Non-lethal Censusing / Julian J. Lewis - Salisa T. Rafail - Diane Tecic -- Limiting Lamp Flora in Developed Passages within Mammoth Cave / Richard A. Olson -- Cave Management at Fort Huachuca Successfully Protects Endangered Bats / Ronnie Sidner -- The Karst Fauna Region Concept and Implication for Endangered Karst Invertebrate Recovery in Bexar County, Texas / Kemble White - Steven W. Carothers - Casey Berkhouse -- Lidar Applications in a Temperate Rainforest Environment Case Study: Kosciusko Island Southeastern Alaska, Tongass National Forest / James F. Baichtal - Richard Langendoen -- Sub-meter Position Accuracy with Garmin Handheld GPS Units (Real Accuracy, Real Cheap) / Bob Buecher -- Intensive Water Quality Monitoring in Two Karst Watersheds of Boone County, Missouri / Robert N. Lerch - Jeanne M. Erickson - Carol M. Wicks -- GIS Applications for Cave Management at Jewel Cave / Rene Ohms -- The Use of Cave Inventory Systems as a Cave Management Tool: An Overview / Matthew Reece -- Raster GIS for the Management of Cave Reconnaissance Information / Henry Truebe -- GIS Modeling of Significant Karst Areas for Purchase and Protection / George Veni et al. -- The Role of Suspended Sediments in the Transport of Atrazine in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky / Michael S. Anderson - Joseph Meiman -- Threats to Public Health and Safety from the Proposed Kentucky Trimodal Transpark Warren County, Kentucky / Alan Glennon et al. -- Panama Ranch Garbage Dump Cave: Toxaphene and DDT Remediation / Homer Hansen - Butch Jackson - Ransom Turner -- Planned Spill Retention and Runoff Filtration Structures on Interstate 65 / Richard A. Olson - Jeffrey L. Schaefer. Open Access - Permission by Publisher Northup Database Collection See Extended description for more information.


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