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National Cave & Karst Management Symposia; NCKRI Symposia 1



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National Cave and Karst Research Institute

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January 2022


Advances in Hypogene Karst Studies includes multiple examples of hypogene processes that demonstrate the variability and breadth of hypogene cave and karst systems with respect to speleogenetic evolution. The first section focuses on general theories of hypogene speleogenesis. The second section provides detailed studies of hypogene processes at specific sites, either individual caves or limited areas. The third section investigates hypogene processes from a broader perspective and regional-scale processes. The final section discusses the relationship between natural resources and hypogene processes. This report also marks the beginning of the new NCKRI Symposium publication series, collections of peer-reviewed manuscripts focused on a common theme in cave and karst science.

General Theory of Hypogene Karst Principal Characteristics of Hypogene Speleogenesis / Alexander B. Klimchouk Diagnostic Features of Hypogenic Karst: Is Confined Flow Necessary? / John E. Mylroie and Joan R. Mylroie Volcanogenic Karstification: Implications of this Hypogene Process / Marcus O. Gary and John M. Sharp, Jr. Folia Speleothems, A Hypogenic Degassing Origin / Philippe Audra, Ludovic Mocochain, Jean-Yves Bigot and Jean-Claude Nobécourt Hypogene Karst Site Studies Examples of Hypogenic Karst Collapse Structures: Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, Minnesota, USA / Kelton D. Barr and E. Calvin Alexander, Jr. Structural and Facies Control of Hypogenic Karst Development in the Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico, USA / Paul Burger The Role of Hypogene Processes in Sulfate Reduction and Speleogenesis in the Castile Formation: Eddy County, New Mexico and Culberson County, Texas, USA / Raymond G. Nance and Kevin W. Stafford Hypogenic Origin of Robber Baron Cave: Implications on the Evolution and Management of the Edwards Aquifer, Central Texas, USA / George Veni and Lynn Heizler Regional Hypogene Karst Studies Reactivated Basement Faulting as a Hydrogeologic Control of Hypogene Speleogenesis in the Southern Ozarks of Arkansas, USA / John Van Brahana, Rodney Tennyson, Jim Terry, Phillip D. Hays and Erik Pollock The Relationship of Oil Field-Derived Hydrogen Sulfide in the Permian (Guadalupian) Artesia Group to Sulfuric Acid Speleogenesis in the Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico and Texas, USA / Harvey R. DuChene The Pecos River Hypogene Speleogenetic Province: A Basin-Scale Karst Paradigm for Eastern New Mexico and West Texas, USA / Kevin W. Stafford, Lewis Land, Alexander B. Klimchouk and Marcus O. Gary Natural Resources and Hypogene Karst Carbonate-Hosted Massive Sulfide Deposits and Hypogene Speleogenesis: A Case Study from Nanisvik Zinc / Lead Mine, Baffin Island, Canada / Derek Ford The Impact of Hypogenic Processes on Water Resources in the Arid Southwest: Examples from the Lower Pecos Region of New Mexico, USA / Lewis Land Upper Ordovician Trenton-Black River Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs of Eastern North America / Langhorne B. Smith, Jr. Open Access - Permission by Publisher See Extended description for more information.


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