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January 1991


Sponsored by the National Speleological Society in celebration of its 50th anniversary; hosted by the Department of Geology, Radford University. Contents: Karst Erosion Surfaces in the Appalachian Highlands / William B. White and Elizabeth L. White -- Structural Controls on Drainage Beneath Droop Mountain, Pocahontas County, West Virginia / Douglas M. Medville and Hazel E. Medville -- Karst and Caves of Mercer and Summers Counties, West Virginia / Joseph W. Saunders and William M. Balfour - Hydrochemical and Structural Controls on Speleogenesis in the Appalachian Foldbelt / Kass Kastning -- Concepts and Classification of Cave Breakdown: An Analysis of Patterns of Collapse in Friars 35 Hole Cave System, West Virginia / Roy A. Jameson -- Mud Flow in a Karst Setting / Charles A. Lundquist and William W. Varnedoe. Jr. -- Mud Pot: A New Thermal Water Cave in Alleghany County, Virginia / Keith E. Goggin -- Travertine-Marl: The "Doughnut-Hole" of Karst / David A. Hubbard. Jr. and Janet S. Herman -- Meteorology of the Butler Cave-Sinking Creek System / Fred L. Weier -- Emerged Sea Caves and Coastal Features as Evidence of Glacio-Isostatic Rebound, Mount Desert 75 Island, Maine / Paul A. Rubin -- Cave Development in the Glaciated Appalachian Karst of New York: Surface-Coupled or 85 Saline-Freshwater Mixing Hydrology / John E. Mylroie -- Modification of Preglacial Caves by Glacial Meltwater Invasion in East-Central New York /Paul A. Rubin -- Flow Characteristics and Scallop-Forming Hydraulics within the Mill Pond Karst Basin, East-Central New York / Paul A. Rubin -- Replacement Mechanisms among Carbonates, Sulfates, and Silica in Karst Environments: 109 Some Appalachian Examples / Arthur N. Palmer and Margaret V. Palmer -- Fracture Controls on Groundwater Flow and Cave Development in Nonhern Greenbrier and 116 Southern Pocahontas Counties, West Virginia (Abstract) / Roy A. Jameson -- Surface and Subsurface Drainage Basin Asymmetry: Ramifications for Karst Development in the Appalachian Plateaus/ Ira D. Sasowsky -- Environmental Education Regarding Karst Processes in the Appalachian Region / Ernst H. Kastning and Karen M. Kastning -- Regional Karst Studies: Who Needs Them? / David A. Hubbard. Jr. -- Spatial-Temporal Characteristics of Karst Subsidence in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania / Percy H. Dougherty -- Illegal Disposal in Sinkholes: The Threat and the Solution. Ronald A. Erchul -- Evaluating a Landfill Expansion in Karst Terrain / Raymond A. DeStephen and Brian Milner -- Predicting Sinkhole Flooding in Cookeville, Tennessee, Using SWMM and GIS / Hugh H. Mills. DB. George, HN. Taylor, Albert E. Ogden. Y. Robinet-Clark. and R. Forde -- Application of Dye Tracing to Evaluation of a Landfill Site in a Karst Terrane in the Tennessee Appalachians (Abstract) / James F. Quinlan. Joseph A. Ray, and Geary M. Schindel -- Computer Enhancement of Downhole-Video Borehole Logs / Malcolm S. Field and Michael Critchley -- An Attempt to Model an Appalachian Karst Aquifer Using MODFLOW. Sara A. Heller Hydrochemical Characteristics of the Greenbrier Limestone Karst of East-Central West Virginia / Eberhard Werner -- Nitrate Levels in the Karst Groundwaters of Tennessee / Albert E. Ogden, Kristie Hamilton, Edward P. Eastburn, Teresa L. Brown, and Thomas E. Pride. Jr. -- Impacts of Barnyard Wastes on Groundwater Nitrate-N Concentrations in a Maturely Karsted Carbonate Aquifer of South-Central Kentucky. Craig J. Brown and Ralph O. Ewers Preliminary Assessment of the Impact of Class V Injection Wells on Karst Groundwaters / Albert E. Ogden. Ronald K. Redman, and Teresa L. Brown -- The Carbonate Aquifer of the Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and West Virginia. / K. Jones -- Influence of Hydrogeologic Setting and Lineaments on Water-Well Yield in the Great Valley Karst Terrane of Eastern West Virginia. Brad T. Zewe and Henry W. Rauch -- On Calculating the Risk of Sinkhole Collaps / Barry F. Beck -- A Suggested Strategy for Characterizing the Hydrogeologic Regime of Karst Terranes in the Valley and Ridge Province / Larry Mata and John T. Haynes. Open Access - Permission by Publisher Northup Database Collection See Extended description for more information.


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