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January 1983


CONTENTS: Purpose and Scope -- Definition of Terms and Conversion of Units Well Location System -- Methodology and Types of Data Collected -- DESCRIPTION OF THE AREA Climate -- Physiography and Land Use --- -- Profiles of Streams -- Development of Karst Features Geologic Setting -- Stratigraphy -- Cambrian Rocks -- Ordovician Rocks -- Mississippian Rocks -- Alluvium, Colluvium, and Upland Residuum -- Structure -- GROUNDWATER Description of Aquifers -- Groundwater Movement -- Relation of Well Yields to Topography and Subsurface Solution Development -- Groundwater Quality -- SURFACE WATER Magnitude and Frequency of Low Flows -- Seepage Runs -- Classification and Description of Streams Water Quality of Streams and Springs -- GROUNDWATER-SURFACE-WATER RELATIONSHIPS Factors Affecting Relationships -- Groundwater Tracing -- Vegetative Indicators of Hydrologic Characteristics Analyses of Groundwater Levels and Flow Patterns -- Osage Fork-Niangua River -- Dry Auglaize Creek-Goodwin Hollow-Niangua River Bear Creek -- North Cobb Creek -- Steins Creek-Parks Creek -- Drainage-Density Analysis -- Remote Sensing and Thermal Data. Open Access Northup Database Collection See Extended description for more information.


United States, Geology




Missouri Department of Natural Resources (Division of Geology and Land Survey)





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