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Morris Bridge Sink was evaluated as a potential Hillsborough River augmentation source by the Southwest Florida Water Management District (District) in April 2009 by pumping approximately six cubic feet per second (cfs) or four million gallons per day (mgd) for 30 days. The pumping test was conducted to determine if four mgd could be sustainably developed from Morris Bridge Sink during the spring dry season to assist the City of Tampa in meeting the minimum low flow of 24 cfs established for the lower Hillsborough River. The Morris Bridge Sink project, along with water from Sulphur Spring, the Tampa Bypass Canal, and Blue Sink, are all sources being evaluated by the City of Tampa and the District to help meet the lower Hillsborough River minimum flow criteria.

An extensive monitoring program was developed for the Morris Bridge Sink pumping test to evaluate potential impacts to nearby wetlands and Upper Floridan aquifer wells. Monitoring equipment was installed by the District during the fall of 2008. This report documents the physical characteristics of the site, the pumping test set-up, and results of the 30-day test.


Technical Report




Hydrologic Evaluation Section, Southwest Florida Water Management District



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