Compilation of pumping tests in Travis and Hays Counties, central Texas


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July 2010


Groundwater is an important natural resource for Central Texas, providing the sole source of water in many areas, for municipal, domestic, industrial, livestock, and ecological needs. To sustainably manage the groundwater resources it is essential to have data that characterize the hydraulic parameters of the aquifers. This type of data is often not readily available. This document compiles reports of 85 pumping tests conducted in Central Texas and presents key information summarized from each report, including hydraulic parameters such as hydraulic conductivity, transmissivity, and storativity. Location maps of the tests are provided, along with statistical summaries in the form of tables and box plots. The summarized hydraulic data in this report are compared to ranges of published values. The results of this compilation indicate that the highest transmissivity and storativity values are within the Edwards Aquifer, followed by the Middle Trinity, the Lower Trinity, and the Upper Trinity Aquifers. Pumping tests are an important method for determining hydraulic parameters. The data presented in this report will be useful to future groundwater modeling, groundwater availability, and other aquifer studies.


Pumping Tests, Travis County, Hays County, Central Texas, Ground Water

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Vol. 2010, no. 701 (2010-07).