Characteristics of paleogeomorphology and paleokarstification and the impact on natural gas accumulation: a case study of upper assemblage of Majiagou formation in central Sulige gas field, Ordos Basin, China


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February 2018


The Lower Paleozoic gas reservoirs in central Sulige gas field are mainly accumulated in Ordovician ancient weathering crust karst carbonate reservoirs, and they are especially rich in the upper assemblage of Ordovician Majiagou formation (Ma51–Ma54 sub-members). However, the spatial distribution of gas is unclear yet because of the different denudation degree and uneven development of paleokarstification. This paper mainly focuses on the characteristics of paleogeomorphology and paleokarstification and their impact on natural gas accumulation. Geological stratifying has been done based on the observation of cores and thin sections, and the analysis of drilling, logging and seismic data. The paleogeologic map of pre-carboniferous was depicted according to the ancient weathering crust outcropped strata. Paleogeomorphology reconstruction is based on a comprehensive method combining the moulage method with the residual thickness method. Result indicates that the paleogeomorphology can be divided into western karst highland and eastern karst slope in the area investigated, and the denudation degree of ancient weathering crust in the west is more serious than that in the east. The karst highland can be divided into remnant hill and depression while the karst slope can be divided into gentle hill and shallow depression in detail. Paleokarst section can be vertically divided into epikarstic zone, vertical vadose zone, horizontal phreatic zone and deep slow flow zone based on the analysis of paleokarst identification mark and vertical dissection of single well. By analyzing the relationship between paleokarst characteristics and production data, the study shows that paleogeomorphology and paleokarstification have a significant control on nature gas accumulation and distribution. Gentle hills on karst slope are expected to be the most favorable areas for reservoirs horizontally, horizontal phreatic zone is more advantageous vertically, and second the vertical vadose zone.


Lower Paleozoic Gas Reservoirs, Paleogeomorphology, Paleokarstification, China, Denudation

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Carbonates and Evaporites, Vol. 34, no. 4 (2018-02-24).