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November 2013




Patricia Kambesis Cave Research Foundation 177 Hamilton Valley Road Cave City, KY 42127 Michael J. Lace Coastal Cave Survey 313 1/2 Main Street West Branch, IA 52358 Brian Oakes Haitian Speleological Survey 6A Rue Corail Vivy Mitchell, Haiti AbstractAs with many developing countries, Haiti has environmental, economic and cultural challenges that complicate natural resource management. Karst landscapes dominate Haiti and caves are abundant as recent cave and karst inventory data indicate. Though the caves and karst are subject to environmental challenges they also provide the potential for the development of tourism that would improve local economic conditions. There are 500 documented caves in Haiti of which, five are show caves. Of those, only one, Grotte Marie- Jeanne, located in Port-ấ -Piment in Departement Sud, has a structured cave management plan that addresses identification of cave resources, visitor access, interpretive guidelines, cave conservation and preservation. Despite economic and political challenges, this recently implemented community-based initiative toward cave development and management is showing success in promoting sustainable ecotourism to the area and providing the basis for the study, conservation and protection of caves and karst throughout Haiti. Open Access - Permission by Publisher See Extended description for more information.


National Cave and Karst Research Institute





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