Hydrogeological Characteristics of the Area of Intermittent Karst Lakes of Pivka


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Acta Carsologica

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A special hydrological feature of the western part of the Javorniki karst massif is the intermittent karst lakes of Pivka. For the whole area a close connection between underground and surface water is characteristic. In the karst aquifer water flows mostly underground, but after more intensive or long-lasting precipitation the water table rises and water emerges on the surface at different locations. Intermittent karst springs along the Pivka river are activated. Also karst depressions are filled with water and several intermittent karst lakes can be formed. Some of them appear very often and contain water for up to six months, but mostly they are very rare and filled up only exceptionally in the time of big floods. In the article the hydrogeological characteristics of the area are presented, which are reflected in the flow regime of karst water and in the forms of its appearance on the surface.

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