Poplave Na Planinskem Polju


Ivan Gams


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Geografski Zbornik

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The frequence, levels and effects of the inundations in the remarkable overflow polje of Planina (Dinaric Karst in Slovenia, NW Yugoslavia) are dealt with. The deforestation of the polje bottom for meadows nearly one thousand years ago has increased the deposition of suspended material in the stagnant water and has raised the flood level, which reached in the last century to a presumable 455, proven at 454,4 m. Since the melioration of the ponors, which began in the early years of the last century, no level of more than 453,4 m (1923) has been registered. Draining of the artificially enlarged Lake of Cerknica after 1963 led to a special increase on the polje of Planina in spring inundations. The socioeconomic conditions in the villages which own the land of the Polje of Planina are also shown.

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