Permian brachiopods of west Texas, VI


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Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology

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The sixth and final part of a monograph of Permian strata and faunas of West Texas and adjacent parts of New Mexico, this volume consists primarily of faunal lists and a taxonomic index of the previous five parts. A list of brachiopods grouped according to R. E. King's localities and compiled from King's data by the authors is followed by the author's compilation of lists of brachiopods found at the localities designated by the United States Geological Survey, the American Museum of Natural History, Kansas University, and the National Museum of Natural History. The list pertaining to the last three groups of localities carries a code indicating the approximate number of specimens of each taxon in the museum collections. A list of the authors' collection of ammonites is included, followed by lists of their fusulinids; these are appended to this monograph on brachiopods because they have important implications for dating and correlation. Also included are Corrigenda (with reference to the previously published parts) and suggestions for future related research.

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