Application of the weathering parameters of bones to stratigraphical interpretation of the sediments from two caves (Deszczowa cave and Nietoperzowa cave, Krakow-czestochowa upland, Poland)


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Studia Quaternaria

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Anal y sis of weath er ing pa ram e ters of bones from cave de pos its is pre sented as a use ful tool of palaeoenvironmental re con struc tion. As an ex am ple, we stud ied pro files of sed i ments in two Palaeo lithic sites: Nietoperzowa Cave and Deszczowa Cave. Our stud ies in cluded histological and EDS anal y ses of bone rem nants found in these pro files. This method al lowed us to re con struct the changes of palaeotemperature and palaeohumidity, and fi nally the climatostratigraphy of sed i ments. The re sults pre sented here put a new light onto the stra tig ra phy of Deszczowa Cave’s fill ing. In par tic u lar, be sides the Vistulian sed i ments (MIS 2–5d), we con firmed the pres ence of lay ers formed dur ing the Pen ul ti mate Gla ci ation (MIS 6) and Eemian Inter gla cial (MIS 5e).

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