Los antiguos itzáes y otros relatos de Chan Kom, Yucatán


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These four texts are translations from Itzá stories told by Socorro Cimé in 1973. The first is the account of a man who went down into a cave in Yalcobá where he found idols. The king of the idols tried to give the man various gifts, and asked him to warn those aboye that the world was ending. The second text relates how a man married a monkey, and that then the monkeys turned into Christians. In the third story, one of three sisters saved the life of an iguana, and was rewarded with gold. The other sisters tried to kill the third one, but the iguana saved her and took her to marry a prince. The last text is about a princess who eloped with her guard. In her notes, María Montolíu relates the stories to Mesoamerican myths, showing how certain elements have been changed.

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