La Cueva de los Brujos, Iztaccihuatl


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Mundos Subterráneos

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One of the most relevant contemporary ethnic aspects about caves in Mexico1 is the ritual of climatic and healing propitious. One example about it is the "Cave of Witches". Between the significative ritual elements there is a dig cruise 6 m height in blue color and covered with white blankets1 palms1 natural and artificial flowers crowns. So many aspects are depositated on the base like an offering like: paper flowers in white color 1 vigils1 black polished cups of ceramic1 lamps and little figures of ceramic that means probably to San Miguel Arcangel. All this objects are accommodated like in an altar for different people. In the Witches Caves is celebrate a propitious ritual that is for the farmers who live in the Snowed Saw. The celebrations are done by the "graniceros" (hailmen) or "aureros" (dawnmen) 1 they care about raining and sorne other meteorologic phenomena. This is a selected corporation of choiced people. To be part of them1 it needs to be called since "up". This calling is determinated for whom are touched for the lighting bolt. One the obligations of "graniceros" is to act like a chaman and make some healings1 that had been sended for superior desings1 in this activity they keep themselves the catholic religion what they use like an intermediary with God.

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