Cave Meravelles rock art. Characterisation of pre-magdalenian rock art in the Mediterranean facade of the Iberian Peninsula


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The recent discoveries of rock art in the caves of Parpalló and Meravelles confirm the presence of pre-Magdalenian rock art in the central zone of the Mediterranean facade of the Iberian Peninsula. The stylistic comparison of these rock art sites with the plaquettes of the Parpalló allows determining their chronology. This one is confirmed by the position of the rock art engraving of Parpalló in relation with the archaeological levels and by the dating by thermoluminescence of stalagmitics concretions that recover the engravings of Meravelles. The analysis of the graphic procedures implemented, as well as the comparison with the art of neighbour regions (Andalusia, Cantabrian region and Southeast of France) allow distinguishing two phases in the regional pre-Magdalenian art. We specified the characteristic of every phase and we evaluated the regionalization process that one perceives on the Mediterranean region as early as the first Gravettian art is documented.

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