L’art mobilier gravettien sur support lithique de la grotte d’Isturitz (Saint-Martin-d’Arberoue, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France) : une collection redécouverte


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The archaeological site of the cave of Isturitz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) is especially known by the quantity and the importance of its Magdalenian portable art. But the decorated supports from the Solutrean, Gravettian and Magdalenian levels are largely ignored, particularly those from Saint-Périer excavations which offered a rather significant number of decorated objects. This work is a part of the result of the revision carried out on the collections preserved at the Museum of National Archaeology, resulting from the excavations from R. and S. de Saint-Périer and E. Passemard. This revision enabled us to renew the documentation of premagdalenian portable art of Isturitz, by revealing many figurative and nonfigurative representations, whose formal characteristics are very homogeneous and directly related to the Gravettian parietal figurations of caves like Cussac, Gargas, Cosquer or Roucadour. Only animal figures are treated in this paper. The data rassembled allows to linking the portable artistic production of Isturitz with formal models which are developed throughout France during Gravettian, without reaching, in the actual position of our knowledge, the Iberian Peninsula.

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