Cambios Climaticos y espeleotemas: efectos del equilibrio y el fraccionamiento isotopico en depositos de cavernas


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Inside the limits of geomorphologic region of the Planicie Oriental to the East of Dominican Republic, is an area where will be distribute the urbanization project and where the dynamics of groundwater is a factor that conditions its development. The groundwater corresponds with a system of flow to the East that it acquires particularities by the physical properties of the massif and for antropics actions of water supplies. The flows in the aquifer are represented by the main component toward the Southeast and East, with preferential direction those established by the massif breakage and karstification. The difference among the aquifer structure of the low tide and high tide is very little, which is an indicator of the influence of the massif karstification. They are present a map of groundwater mineralization, with similar configuration that the hydroisohyps. The characterization of the hydrodynamics and the hydrochemistry of the aquifer, allowed the orientation of urbanization, increasing the percent of areas without impermeable cover, the insert into the project of the existing lagoon, the adjustment of the groundwater exploitations for Hotel supplies and it established recommendations about the coastal border modifications.

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