The Rio La Venta Ceramics


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Rio La Venta: Treasure of Chiapas


In 1999 the association published "Rio La Venta, Chiapas treasure", a successful volume that contains texts and contributions from numerous authors, Italian and Mexican. Rich in color photographs, and accompanied by an attached multimedia CD (the first speleological publication to make use of this system, absolutely innovative for those years), this book summarizes most of the exploratory, speleological, geographical and archaeological results of the complex Rio La Venta project, in the protected area of Selva El Ocote, born in 1993 with the winning of the Rolex Award for Enterprise. Three hundred and twenty pages in the 22x32 cm format with hard cover and jacket. The volume, edited by Giovanni Badino, Alvise Belotti, Tullio Bernabei, Antonio De Vivo, Davide Domenici and Italo Giulivo, is published in Italian, English, Spanish and French. Reference point for all those who work in the area, for work or study.

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