Etude statistique des cavités karstiques de la région montpellieraine (Causses méridionaux et Garrigues)


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"A statistical study of a speleological file concerning the karstic. area of Montpellier was undertaken, aiming to detect some factors statistically linked with cave repartition or speleometry. Potholes are generally disconnected from horizontal networks, but they use sometimes preexisting galleries. They are significantly deeper when grouped, or when presenting parallel shafts, or when being old shaped holes with a big entrance. Splited zones contain more potholes, yet they are not statistically deeper. Horizontal caves exhibit a discontinuous distribution by altitude levels, which are regularly observed in every sector, when the effect of diastrophism is taken into account. Total filling seems to be the rule as soon as galleries have stopped functionning : utilization or reutilization by actual streams is required for avoiding partially this process. Old levels of caves, above end-Miocen surfaces, exhibit different orientation patterns of galleries than younger ones. Some limestone fades seems to allow a stronger vertical (or horizontal) cave formation. A schematic history of cave formation in this country is proposed as a working hypothesis "

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