Bird consumption in the final stage of Cova Negra (Xátiva, Valencia)


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January 2016


This paper publishes the results of the study of bird remains from Cova Negra level IIIb, a level with Middle Palaeolithic industry that corresponds to the upper part of the sequence, where 247 bird remains from 18 species have been found. Doves and corvidae, particularly choughs (Pyrrhocorax sp.), are the species most frequently found. A substantial part of the remains analyzed displays human manipulation and consumption evidence, a clear indication of bird hunting and consumption by Neardental populations. The manipulation process and consumption of birds, in the context of Neanderthals' predatory activity during the final period of occupation of the site, is described in this paper. Further evidences observed at other levels in the sequence, show that we are dealing with a recurrent phenomenon that is currently being assessed in detail.


Middle Paleolithic, Birds Consumption

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