Catalog of Engineering Works in Karst and Their Effects


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January 2015


Due to an increased demand, in past century, for drinking water, land reclamation, energy, and urbanization, many engineering projects have been developed in karst regions all over the world. However, as a consequence of complex and unique geological nature, the road to final success was often paved with failures in spite of the best engineering approach was applied. Problems and failures in karst are connected with any kind of human activities, particularly with dams, reservoirs, tunnels, roads, and mines. Dam sites and reservoirs with leakage (sometime unacceptable high), tunnels and mines with disastrous water burst, huge cavern along tunnel routes, and catastrophic collapse in urbanized areas were common consequences of karst nature but also as a consequence of inadequate knowledge of karst geology. Article contains catalog of more than 150 dams and reservoirs in karst including short engineering review of selected examples from different karst regions. Catalog contains examples of successful, partially successful and unsuccessful corrective engineering works. Particular hazardous environment for engineering works, very soluble karstified evaporates, as well as, engineering problems with construction of underground dams and tunnels in karst are represented with selected examples. At the last section are listed the most effective investigation approaches and engineering methods for prevention and remediation.


Karst, Dam, Reservoir, Tunnel, Failure

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