C14 et style: La chronologie de l’art pariétal à l’heure actuelle C14 and style: The chronology of the Upper Paleolithic art at the present


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The chronology of the Paleolithic art proposed by A. Leroi-Gourhan had a strong installation among the specialists until his death, in the years 1980s of the last century. After that the system SMA of direct dating began to be applied producing some disagreements and a supposed revolution against the chronological–stylistic procedure that has been overvalued. There are not so many disagreements and when they appear, they can tinge the French author's procedure and to improve it partly. If we take it with enough flexibility and aperture, it continues being a non perfect model, but useful and valid to organize the graphs of the Upper Paleolithic whose systematic should continue based on the material documentation, in the represented forms and in all the technical procedures that allow to specify and to improve our chronological arguments.

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