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January 2018


Notification about FSNatureLive programs In February and March 2018. The original email announcement text is provided in the note.


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Engage with CavesLIVE programs coming in February and on March 14 2018! Join our world famous scientists and cave explorers in FSNatureLive’s two programs of CavesLIVE, an exploration of the world beneath your feet. Find out how we are connected to amazing underground resources such as mirror pools, sparkling crystals, domed caverns, and twisting tunnels. Caves provide just one connection between our everyday lives and this rich underground ecosystem. Watch the CavesLIVE online program in February of 2018 - featuring world famous NASA Director of Astrobiology, Penny Boston and World-renowned scientist and cave explorer Dr. Matt Covington. Down in Blanchard Springs Caverns in Arkansas, hosts Gretchen Baker, Park Ecologist, Great Basin National Park; Amtchat Edwards, Conservation Education, USDA Forest Service; Fernando Hernandez, Western Kentucky University; and actor John Straessle will take us on a virtual exploration of caves! Watch and engage in a fun LIVE Q&A about caves and karst at the picturesque National Landmark, Luray Caverns in Shenondoah Valley, Virginia. Submit your questions online via the website or through FSNatureLIVE social media to connect LIVE with world famous movie star and cave explorer and Dr. Hazel Barton, University of Akron, world renowned scientist Dr. Jean Krejca, Zara Environmental and other USDA Forest Service and National Park Service experts on March 14, 2018, 12pm EST. Finally, TAKE A TRIP! Visit caves in your area by visiting your local forest, park, or National Caves Association member cave! Connect with partners like the National Speleological Society to learn more about caving and to get underground. REGISTER NOW at Here are multiple viewing options: • CavesLIVE website, • FSNatureLive Facebook, • FSNatureLive YouTube, The goal of CavesLIVE is to raise awareness and understanding of caves and karst – a resource that is seldom seen and considered mysterious – and connect it to people's everyday lives. For more information on how to promote this and other FS Nature Live broadcasts contact Amtchat Edwards at: – for more information on CavesLIVE email See the Related Resources to the left.