Bats of Socotra


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December 2006


Lying in the midst of the Arabian Sea on ancient maritime trading routes, Socotra has long held a fascination for itinerant travelers. In 2003, the islands became a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve, and in 2005 were nominated as a World Heritage site. While documenting Socotra's geology, biodiversity, ecology, human history and culture, the book also highlights aspects of island biogeography, evolution and conservation. Written in an easy-to-read style, with Arabic abstracts for each chapter, this book will enthrall the educated public and address the increasing demand for a detailed guide to Socotra by natural and social scientists, conservationists, decision-makers, visitors and armchair travelers. By purchasing this book, readers will also contribute to the Socotra Conservation Fund, supporting conservation and community-based development initiatives.

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