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January 2000

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Theoretical and Applied Karstology

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Contents: Editorial -- The Friends of Karst -- Iosif Viehmann: A Lifetime for Karst -- Conduit fragmentation, cave patterns, and the localization of karst ground water basins: the Appalachians as a test case -- U-Th TIMS chronology of two stalagmites from V11 Cave (Bihor Mountains, Romania) -- Mineralogical studies and Uranium-series dating of speleothems from Scarisoara Glacier Cave (Bihor Mountains, Romania) -- Karst evolution in the Danube Gorge from U-series dating of a cave bear skull and calcite speleothems from Pestera de la Gura Ponicovei (Romania) -- The Carbonate Island Karst Model applied to Guam -- Karst genetic model for the French Bay Breccia deposits, San Salvador, Bahamas -- Sur la presence de l'ardealite dans la Grotte de Topolnita (Plateau de Mehedinti, Roumanie) -- On the genetic conditions of black manganese deposits from two caves of Eastern Serbia -- Mineralogy and speleogenesis of the Ice-Cave from Poiana Vartop (Bihor Mountains, Romania) -- La genese et l'evolution des grandes dolines (obans) de la zone karstique de Mangalia (Dobroudja du Sud, Roumanie) -- 24-h Tracer Tests on Diurnal Parameter Variability in a Subglacial Karst Conduit Small River Valley, Canada -- Contammant transport in karst aquifers -- Microtus (Terricola) grafi miciaensis (Rodentia Mammalia), une nouvelle sous espece due site mousterien de Gaura Lupulu (Craciunesti, Roumanie) -- Book Reviews -- In Memoriam: Petre-Mihai Samson (1930-2001)



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