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January 1998

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Theoretical and Applied Karstology

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Contents: Editorial -- A stable isotope record from fluid inclusions in a Holocene speleothem from southwest Britain -- Data about Quaternary tectonic activity in Labirinta Cave in Stara Planina Iskar Gorge, NW Bulgaria -- Paleoenvironmental interpretation of cores from large stalagmites: an example from Lobatse II Cave, Botswana -- Speleothem datings in SW Romania. Part 1: Evidence for a continuous speleothem growth in Pestera Closani during Oxygen isotope stages 5-3 and its paleoclimate significance -- Preliminary data about nitrates in "Pestera Mare de la Salitrari", Cerna Mountains, Romania -- Karst landsform of Lichas Peninsula (NW of Euboea Island - Greece) -- Risks of mine water in flow due to tectonics -- Donnees preliminaires sur l'environnement de la Grotte des Ours en regime d'exploitation touristique -- Evolution of karst in the southern part of Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria -- Perennial ice in caves in temperate climate and its significance -- The optimization of groundwater explotation regime by regulation and control of karst reservoirs system -- Relationship between geological, tectonic, climatic, and hydrogeological conditions in the karst region Boga-Kozhnia, Albania -- Application of dye tracing for determining the characteristics of Sheshpeer karst spring -- Determination of karst aquifers recharge area in a terrain of complex geology and tectonic composition -- Application of auto-cross regression model to the analysis and discharge simulation of some karst springs -- Considerations hydrodynamiques sur le systeme karstique de Barza (Monts et Plateau de Mehedinti, Roumanie) -- The occurence conditions of aquifers in Permo-Carboniferous limestones in Western Serbia -- Influence of the physico-chemical properties of rainfall on karst groundwater quality -- Contributions to the Poieni Plateau hydrogeology investigation (Metaliferi Mountains, Romania) -- Remarques sur la dentition de Allactaga orghidani Radulescu & Samason, 1976 du Pleistocene moyen de la Dobrogea centrale (Roumanie) -- An alpine karst occurence: Gauri Cirque (Parang Mountains, Romania) -- In Memoriam: Emilian Gaspar



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