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January 1996

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Theoretical and Applied Karstology

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Contents: Editorial -- The climate of last 150,000 years record in speleothems: preliminary results from north-western Romania -- Radionuclides in a caves lake sediment core from Ghetarul de sub Zgurasti (Romania) -- Speleothems dating using the thermoluminiscence method -- Effet d'echelle de la dispersion dans un conduit karstique. Hypothese lineaire et hypothesc fractale -- Influence de la structure sure la variabilitie spatiotemporelle du coefficient de dispersion. Cas theorique d'un faisceau de conduits karstiques soumis a une injection continue en absence de diffusion moleculaire (ecoulement rapide) -- Relation entre les caracteres physiques et les champs de leur distribution dans les roches karstiques -- Comparative observations in karst formations of Parnass and Arcadia Mountains (Greece) -- A study of the subsurface karst of Kopais (Central Greece) -- Some significant caves at the western rim of the Miroc karst (Yugoslavia) -- Hydrogeology of Miroc karst massif, eastern Serbia, Yugoslavia -- Analysis of spring hydrographs for hydrogeological evaluation of a karst aquifer system -- Indirect evlaution of the Izvarna karst system discharge trend (Romania) -- Karst systems in Banat Mountains (Resita-Nera zone) -- Some examples of karst springflow regime simulation and prediction for water management balance analyses -- Correlation between regional fault pattern and karst water flow directions based on examples from Eastern Serbia (Yugoslavia) -- Tapping and protection of Maljen Spring, on Mount Durmitor, Yugoslavia -- Hydrochemical behavior of karstic and evaporitic formations surrounding Sarvestan Plain, Iran -- Pulse temperature and conductivity analysis in pseudo-karst structure investigation -- Contributions to the hydrogeology of the karstic areas of the Bihor Vladeasa Mountains (Romania) -- Points de vue concernant le clivage de la calcite -- Intensity of karst processes as a function of the carbonate formations in the north Resita-Moldova Noua Synclinorium



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