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May 1991

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Theoretical and Applied Karstology

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Contents: La datation par radiocarbone dans la recherche speleologique -- Mineralogic and geochemical research of the Tecuri Cave (Romania) red clay -- Considerations on the morphology and genesis of the Jurassic paleokarst in Farcu Hill area (Southern Padurea Craiului Mountains, Romania) -- Considerations genetiques sur la grotte "Pestera cu Lacuri din Valea Seaca" (Monts Locvei, Roumanie) -- L'extension de la zone glacee dans la Grotte de Scarisoara (Roumanie) - effet des oscilations meteorologiques multiannuelles -- Contributions to the investigation of the Padis karst area (Bihor Mountains, Romania) by means of resistivity measurements -- Environmental isotopes in karst hydrology. A lay-out of problems with exemplifications in Romania -- Interpretation of tracer experiements. Multi-cell of imperfect mixing -- The karstic water participation in the genesis of the thermomineral water reservoir of the spa complex Calimanesti - Caciulata - Vozia (Romania) -- Hydrogeological map of the Padurea Craiului Mountains (Romania) -- Three karstic systems (Rosia, Toplita de Rosia and Vadul Crisului) in the Padurea Craiului Mountains (Romania) -- Les eaux thermominerales karstiques de la zone de Mangalia (Roumanie) -- Tracers experiements in the karst area of Bihor Mountains (Romania) -- Overall water balance computation in the karst zone "Sapte Izvoare Reci", Scropoasa (Romania) -- Considerations concerning the gyps occurence in the Ciur-izbuc CAve (Padurea Craiului Mountains, Romania) -- La pyrite bacterienne de Risculita - Departement de Hunedoara, Roumanie -- Aspects of the karstification in the Cornilor Spring area (Padurea Craiului Mountains, Romania) -- Excavation at the Grotte des Cedres (Le Plan d'Aups, Var, France), 1987. Evidence for a Late Rissian episode -- Tracers investigations in Poaiana-TEcuri area (Sureanu Mountains, Romania)



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