Study on Source of Lava Flows Forming the Manjanggul Lava Tube


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September 2009


The lava flows forming the Manjanggul lava tube are commonly said to have a potential source from the Geomunoreum scoria cone. We inferred the source of lava flows with the Manjanggul lava tube, based on many studies about lava tubes within lava flows of active volcano in the world. We made a lava flow field map from lithofacies, features and latitude of lava surfaces in the northeastern part of Jeju Island, and then examined closely the distribution and mutual relation of lava tubes in each lava flow field. As result, the Geomunoreum lava tube system is divided into a series of master tubes(Utsanjeungul, Bukoreumgul, Daerimdonggul, Manjanggul, Gimnyeonggul, Yongcheondonggul and Dangcheomuldonggul lava tube), a complicated networks of small tubes(Bengdwigul lava tube), and a series of unitary tubes(Gimyeongbilemotgul~Gaeusaemgul lava tube) in Geomunoreum lava flows. Particularly a canyon, 2km in length to NNE direction from the Geomunoreum scoria cone, is interpreted to be collapse trench of lava tube roof that belongs to an upflow part of the master tube in the Geomunoreum lava tube system, according to the location and direction. Accordingly, the source of lava flows, forming the Manjanggul lava tube, is the Geomunoreum scoria cone.


Lava Flow Map, Geomunoreum Lava Tube System, Master Tube Line, Collapse Trench, Geomunoreum Scoria Cone

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The Journal of the Petrological Society of Korea, Vol. 18, no. 3 (2009-09-30).