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The purpose of this subchapter is to regulate activities in the contributing zone to the Edwards Aquifer having the potential for polluting surface streams which recharge the Edwards Aquifer and to protect existing and potential beneficial uses of groundwater in the Edwards Aquifer. Nothing in this subchapter is intended to restrict the powers of the commission or any other governmental entity to prevent, correct, or curtail activities in the contributing zone that result or may result in pollution of the Edwards Aquifer or hydrologically connected surface waters. This subchapter is not exclusive and other rules also apply. In addition to the rules of the commission, the Texas general and individual permits for storm water discharges from construction activities and local ordinances and regulations providing for the protection of water quality may also apply to activities in the contributing zone. The executive director must review and act on contributing zone plans subject to this subchapter. The applicant or a person affected may file with the chief clerk a motion to overturn, under '50.139 (a), (b), and (d) - (g) of this title (relating to Motion to Overturn Executive Director's Decision), of the executive director's final action on a contributing zone plan or modification to a plan.


Edwards Aquifer, Surface Streams, Storm Water Discharges, Contributing Zone, Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, Best Management Practices

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