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January 2011


Barton Springs (Austin, Texas, United States), United States, Geology

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United States

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"Dissolved oxygen (DO) is critical for the survival of aquatic species. The distribution, values, and processes influencing the supply of DO are well-known for surface water bodies. The endangered Barton Springs salamander (Eurycea sosorum, fig.1) relies on spring flow and adequate DO for its survival at Barton Springs (fig. 2), the primary discharge point for the aquifer. However, the nature and distribution of DO in groundwater within the aquifer supplying Barton Springs is unknown. Previous studies have focused on the relationship between Barton Springs flow and DO with regard to the salamanders. Those studies have reported population declines at levels below 5mg/L and warn that DO should be no less than 3mg/L to safeguard the salamanders. Previous studies have also shown a decline of about 1.5mg/L DO at Barton Springs from drought to non-drought. A better understanding of DO in the aquifer during drought conditions will help scientists understand, and possibly predict, DO at Barton Springs and the potential impact on the endangered species." -- Authors Open Access - Permission by Author(s) See Extended description for more information.





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