Relations between surface and underground karst forms inferred from terrestrial laser scanning

Aleksandar S. Petrović
Jelena Ćalić
Aleksandra Spalević

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This paper details methods that contribute towards solving the problem of the spatial relations between surface and underground karst morphology – relationships that are often unclear. The karst landforms studied in this context are karst valleys, through-caves and natural bridges. Two study sites are situated in the Carpatho-Balkan Mountains of eastern Serbia: the dry valley of the Radovanska Reka River on Mt Kučaj (together with the Pećura through-cave) and the Zamna Cave in the wider area of the Danube Gorge. The caves and the closest adjoining parts of the valleys were measured in detail using the terrestrial laser scanning method. The data obtained showed that some previous measurements at these locations, performed with classical traditional instruments, are insufficiently accurate and may lead to wrong conclusions.