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Argentina Subterránea

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Annual Report 2016 in which it is made a balance of what happened in 9 years, after the approval of a Strategic Plan that almost nobody understood then, but that begins to give results. Basically, our position is to leave in the past the Speleological Federation of Latin America and the Caribbean (FEALC), which in 25 years of life has never been able to articulate seriously with the countries of the area and still less with the universities. About International Union of Speleology (UIS), which does have support in the academic world through its commissions and areas of work, it continues to suffer a divorce between these commissions and political leadership. So, it decided to support politically our opponents but has no choice respect our collaboration with UIS commissions; is the FAdE that maintains and solidifies its own agenda. We work into the UIS, but not in its political, but in the scientific. Inside doors, we maintain the criterion (in the praxis of the field and in the teaching of the spell in our School EAE) that the Speleology is not a science in itself, but an auxiliary technical discipline, and therefore the researchers with academic formation do not must already be subordinated to cavers. The same concept should be applied to the officials in charge of speleological heritage, who lack the knowledge to make political decisions and are based on provincial laws (Mendoza, Neuquén), which do not comply with the provisions of the national General Environmental Law 25675. The protection of caves at this stage involves carrying out legal and political actions to discipline not only the clubs but also the politicians, a task that will take a long time.

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