Review of the millipede genus EutrichodesmusSilvestri, 1910, in China, with descriptions of new cavernicolous species (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Haplodesmidae)

Sergei I. Golovatch
Jean-Jacques Geoffroy
Jean-Paul Mauries


The Eutrichodesmus fauna of mainland China, by far the largest genus in the Indo-Australian family Haplodesmidae, is reviewed and shown to encompass 23 species (of a total of 45), all keyed. The following nine new species, all presumed troglobites, are described: E. triangularis sp. n., from Sichuan, E. lipsae sp. n., from Guangxi, E. tenuis sp. n., E. trontelji sp. n., E. latellai sp. n., E. obliteratus sp. n. and E. troglobius sp. n., all from Guizhou, E. sketi sp. n., from Hunan, and E. apicalis sp. n., from Hubei.