Paleoecology of an Early Pleistocene ( Irvingtonian) cenote: preliminary report on the Hanover Quarry No.1 Fissure, Adams County, Pennsylvania.


J. E. Guilday


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January 1983


37 vertebrate taxa, 14 species of plant macrofossils (mostly seeds), 4 families of Coleoptera, and pollen were used to determine the age and paleoecologic setting of the assemblage. The environment of deposition was probably a cenote connected by a fissure to a temperate surface environment dominated by an open mixed hardwood and conifer forest intersected by small streams. The Hanover Quarry No. 1 local fauna is only the fourth Irvingtonian fauna known from eastern North America. It is older than the Cumberland Cave local fauna of Maryland and may be contemporaneous with the Port Kennedy Cave deposit in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, but correlation is tenuous due to lack of adequate microfauna from Port Kennedy. The fissure remains are assigned to a temperate episode during Kansan or, conceivably, Aftonian times. -Authors

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