Àngel Ginés



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January 2000


A general overview on the patterns of collapse chambers in the karsts of Mallorca is presented. The great significance of single breakdown chambers and strings of large rooms as one of the major constituents of cave patterns is easy to recognize in the cave surveys of many Majorcan caves. Detailed mapping of several collapse features such as breakdown piles, sloped boulder floors, vault profiles, coalescence areas, boulder chokes and dome structures can yield useful information regarding description and better understanding of cave collapse patterns.


14C Date, Carbon, Carbon Flux, Cave, Caves, Co2, Coastal Karst, Croatia, Curaçao, Dinaric Karst, Epikarst, Exploitation Of Natural Resources, Ground Penetrating Radar, Gypsum, Hydrology, Karst, Karst Aquifer, Karst Spring, Lidar, Monitoring, Monti Lessini, Palaeokarst, Pivka, Polje, Quaternary, Recharge, Remineralization, Rock Relief, Sediment, Sink Point, Slovenia, Slovenija, Speleothem, Springs, Stable Isotopes, Subsoil Karren, Tracer Test, Uvala, Vadose Zone, Venetian Prealps, Vietnam, Wetlands, Italy

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Acta Carsologica, Vol. 29, no. 2 (2000).





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