Old bat guano in Slaughter Canyon Cave


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Welcome to southeastern New Mexico and the 57th annual Fall Field Conference of the New Mexico Geological Society. This year's conference marks our third venture into the Carlsbad area. Our hosts will share with us a number of wide-ranging geologically and environmentally relevant topics as we explore the subterranean environments of caves; the oil, natural gas, and mineral resources of the area; and the engineering hazards of karst terrain. On the first day, each participant will have a chance to tour at least one of the diverse and magnificent limestone caves of the Guadalupe Mountains including the world famous Carlsbad Caverns National Park. On the second day, the group will visit Parks Ranch Cave, the second longest gypsum cave in the United States. On the last day, the hosts will share with us hydrology and environmental hazards associated with gypsum karst.

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New Mexico Geological Society, Socorro, New Mexico. Guidebook, 57th Field Conference, Vol. 57 (2006).