Australobius tracheoperspicuus sp. n., the first subterranean species of centipede from southern China (Lithobiomorpha, Lithobiidae)

Qing Li
Su-jian Pei
Xuan Guo


Australobius tracheoperspicuus sp. n. (Lithobiomorpha: Lithobiidae) was recently discovered from the Cave of the brickyard of Gaofeng village, in the Guizhou Province, southwest China, and it is described here. Morphologically the new species is similar to A. magnus (Trozina>, 1894) from north-western China. The new species can be easily distinguished from those by the trachea connected to the valve of the TIII clearly visible from the dorsal side, the absence of ocelli on each side of the cephalic plate, the DaC spine being only present on the XIIIth–XVth legs. Numbers of examined specimens, distribution and the main morphological characters and an identification key to the known Chinese species of genus Australobius based on adult specimens is given.