Lost River at Wesley Chapel Gulf, Orange County, Indiana


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January 1931


It is the purpose of this paper to describe the Wesley Chapel Gulf of Lost River and those parts of underground Lost River which are accessible in and near this gulf. The locality is in western Orange County, Indiana, about five miles southwest of Orleans and about two miles east, of the village of Orangeville. The locality is near the western margin of the karst belt developed in the Mississippian lime-stones in southern Indiana. Undoubtedly the Wesley Chapel gulf and the rise and sink of underground Lost River within it, constitute one of the most interesting individual features in the Lost River karst area. The underground system of Lost River, accessible through an opening in the western wall of the gulf, is a system of unusual interest because its characteristics are largely unknown. A greater section of the underground system has been mapped in detail here than at any other place. The Wesley Chapel gulf and the accessible parts of underground Lost River have never before received an adequate description, nor have their characteristics as features of karst been fully set forth. It is advisable, however, to give the general setting of these features before entering into their detailed description.


Karst, Lost River, Indiana

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Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science, Vol. 41 (1931).