Manganese deposition in limestone caves


Gyula Hegedus


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January 1981


Cave closing may be necessary in certain circumstances. These include., 1. Preservation of nature. 2. Scientific purposes. 2.1. Speleological research. 2.2. Use of the cave environment. 2.3. Use of the cave situation. 3. Utilization. 3.1. Show caves. 3.2. Medicinal caves. 3.3. Economic uses. 3.3.1 Water. 3.3.2 Other economic uses. 4. Protection of human life. Cave clos1rtt; may be total or-partial, and permanent or temporary. Cave closing may serve uveral goals at once. Cave closings must be carefully planned and designed. important not to disturb the natural environment, ventilation, and air flow. The closing should not interfere with animal migration, or the flow of water into or out of the cave. The entrance should remain as natural as possible. The material used to close the cave should blend with the natural sur,;,oundings. The gate should be difficult to destroy or breach. Cave closing in Hungary is briefly rev.iewed.


Migration, Natural Environment, Caves

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