Application of fluorescent dye tracing techniques for delineating sinkhole drainage routes, Highway 37 improvement project Lawrence County, Indiana


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January 1995


Geologists and geographers study how to develop how and where karst develops and how sinkholes form, but engineers must use this information to develop karst terrane. Over the past ten years, these multidisciplinary conferences on the applied aspects of karst hydrogeology and engineering have been successful in bringing together engineers, geologists, other scientists and government regulators who must safely establish human infrastructure on karst terrane whilst protecting the environment. The essences of these conferences has always been communciation between geologists and engineers with an emplasis on practical applications and case studies. This text contains the proceedings of the fifth conference on karst geohazards. It presents 65 papers that cover topics such as: groundwater contamination through sinkholes and the karst surface; stormwater drainage and flooding problems; and foundation considerations and improvements in karst.


Geohazards, Karst, Karst Terrane

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