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August 2012


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Editorial: Karst Environments: Problems, Management, Human Impacts, and Sustainability - An Introduction to the Special Issue / Robert Brinkmann and Mario Parise Articles: Sinkhole Evolution in the Apulian Karst of Southern Italy: A Case Study, with Some Considerations on Sinkhole Hazards / Vincenzo Festa, Antonio Fiore, Mario Parise, and Agata Siniscalchi Karst Aquifer Draining During Dry Periods / Francesco Fiorillo, Paola Revellino, and Gerardo Ventafridda Karst of Sicily and its Conservation / Cipriano Di Maggio, Giuliana Madonia, Mario Parise, and Marco Vattano Quaternary Alluvial Sinkholes: Record of Environmental Conditions of Karst Development, Examples From The Ebro Basin, Spain / María Asunción Soriano, Aránzazu Luzón, Alfonso Yuste, Andrés Pocoví, Antonio Pérez, José Luis Simón, and Héctor Gil Quantifying Concentrated and Diffuse Recharge in Two Marble Karst Aquifers: Big Spring and Tufa Spring, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, California, USA / Benjamin W. Tobin and Benjamin F. Schwartz Drowned Karst Landscape Offshore the Apulian Margin (Southern Adriatic Sea, Italy) / Marco Taviani, Lorenzo Angeletti, Elisabetta Campiani, Alessandro Ceregato, Federica Foglini, Vittorio Maselli, Michele Morsilli, Mario Parise, and Fabio Trincardi Five Blues Lake National Park, Belize: A Cautionary Management Tale / Mick Day and Bill Reynolds A Sustainability Index for Karst Environments / Philip van Beynen, Robert Brinkmann, and Kaya van Beynen Open Access - Permission by Publisher Vol. 74, no. 2 (2012) See Extended description for more information.


National Speleological Society





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