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April 2012


United States, Geology




Articles: Cave Cricket Exit Counts: Environmental Influences and Duration of Surveys / Floyd W. Weckerly Involvement of Bacteria in the Origin of a Newly Described Speleothem in the Gypsum Cave of Grave Grubbo (Crotone, Italy) / Paola Cacchio, Claudia Ercole, Rosita Contento, Giorgio Cappuccio, Maria Preite Martinez, Maddalena Del Gallo, and Aldo Lepidi The Prehistoric Cave Art and Archaeology of Dunbar Cave, Montgomery County, Tennessee / Jan F. Simek, Sarah A. Blankenship, Alan Cressler, Joseph C. Douglas, Amy Wallace, Daniel Weinand, and Heather Welborn Candidate Cave Entrances on Mars / Glen E. Cushing The First Subterranean Freshwater Planarians from North Africa, with an Analysis of Adenodactyl Structure in the Genus Dendrocoelum (Platyhelminthes, Tricladida, Dendrocoelidae) / Abdul Halim Harrath, Ronald Sluys, Adnen Ghlala and Saleh Alwasel Micro-Charcoal Abundances in Stream Sediments from Buckeye Creek Cave, West Virginia, USA / Gregory S. Springer, L. Nivanthi Mihindukulasooriya, D. Matthew White, and Harold D. Rowe Response of the Karst Phreatic Zone to Flood Events in a Major River (Bohemian Karst, Czech Republic) and its Implication for Cave Genesis / Helena Vysoká, Jir¡ í Bruthans, Karel Z¡ ák, and Jir¡ í Mls A New Species of Nicoletiidae (Insecta: Zygentoma) from Kartchner Caverns State Park, Arizona / Luis Espinasa, Robert B. Pape, Alanna Henneberry, and Christopher Kinnear Regionalization Based on Water Chemistry and Physicochemical Traits in the Ring of Cenotes, Yucatan, Mexico / Rosela Pérez-Ceballos, Julia Pacheco-Ávila, Jorge I. Euán-Ávila, and Héctor Hernández-Arana Delineating Protection Areas for Caves Using Contamination Vulnerability Mapping Techniques: The Case of Herrerías Cave, Asturias, Spain / A.I. Marín, B. Andreo, M. Jiménez-Sánchez, M.J. Domínguez-Cuesta, and M. Meléndez-Asensio Microbiological Activities in Moonmilk Monitored Using Isothermal Microcalorimetry (Cave of Vers Chez Le Brandt, Neuchatel, Switzerland) / Olivier Braissant, Saskia Bindschedler, Alma U. Daniels, Eric P. Verrecchia, and Guillaume Cailleau Importance of Karst Sinkholes in Preserving Relict, Mountain, and Wet-Woodland Plant Species under Sub-Mediterranean Climate: A Case Study from Southern Hungary / Zoltán Bátori, László Körmöczi, László Erdös, Márta Zalatnai, and János Csiky. Open Access - Permission by Publisher Vol. 74, no. 1 (2012) See Extended description for more information.


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