Hydrochemical Characteristics of Some Lithologicaly Different Karst Massifs of Albania


Romeo Eftimi


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January 2005


The chemistry of 25 springs located at four karst areas of Albania with different lithology shows a very clear relation of the karst water quality to the lithology of rocks. Most indicative parameters characterizing the chemistry of karst springs result: water conductivity, total hardness, ionic ratios rCa/rMg, rSO 4 /rMg, CO 2 pressure and the indexes of calcite (Si c) and dolomite saturation (Si d). Very useful for the attachment of the chemistry to the special lithologic units results the graphic of rCa/rMg versus rCa/rMg, combined with SO 4 content, as well as the graphic of indexes of calcite saturation versus the indexes of dolomite saturation. The water quality parameters are used also to characterize the karst flow system of carbonate springs. The Blue Eye Spring, the biggest spring of Albania, which average discharge is about 18.5 m³/s has a diffuse-flow feeder-system. Key words: Karst water chemistry, index of calcite saturation, index of dolomite saturation, CO 2 pressure, kasrt flow system.


Karst Water Chemistry, Index Of Calcite Saturation, Index Of Dolomite Saturation, CO2 Pressure, Kasrt Flow System

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