Geophysical Signature of Haby Crossing Fault and Its Implication on Edwards Recharge Zone, Medina County, Texas


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January 2009


Resistivity imaging, natural potential (NP), ground conductivity and magnetic surveys were conducted across the Haby Crossing fault, which is located in eastern Medina County of San Antonio (Figure 1). The study area is within the Balcones Fault Zone and is limited between CPS Energy's new proposed transmission line of pole locations 80 and 82 (Figure 2). In general, it is known that most fault deformation in the Balcones Fault Zone increases permeability within and near faults in all stratigraphic horizons with the exception of clay or shale smear (Ferrill et al. 2008). This is borne out by the common occurrence of dissolution features associated with faults (Ferrill et al. 2003) and the importance of faults as recharge features (Clark, 2000). The goal of this study is to characterize the Haby Crossing fault in terms of its dissolution features, permeability, and mineralization content and as well as its faulting signature.


Geophysical Signature, Haby Crossing Fault, Edwards Recharge Zone, Medina County, Texas

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Bulletin of South Texas Geological Society, Vol. 49, no. 6 (2009).