Great Caves of the World


Tony Waltham


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October 2008


A stunning visual tour of the world's most spectacular caves and cave systems. Caves are found on every continent. The United States is home to the world's longest cave system, the Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, and to the world's most popular tourist cave, New Mexico's Carlsbad Caverns. Great Caves of the World takes readers to these and 25 other astonishing and challenging caves across the globe. Each entry includes lavish photographs and authoritative text describing the cave, its inhabitants, its environment, how and when it was discovered, access sites, and travel tips on how to get there.In addition to Carlsbad and Mammoth, featured caves include:Sterkfontein Cave in South Africa, the site of four-million-year-old hominid remains New Zealand's Waitomo Cave, dazzlingly illuminated by glow-worms The underground waterfalls of Gruta do Janelão, Brazil Looming glaciers of ice in Austria's limestone caves The cool Nullarbar Caves under the Australian desert Ethiopia's underground maze, the Sof Omar Cave The Caves of Mulu in Sarawak (Borneo), the world's largest Castleguard Cave in the Canadian Rockies. Geologists, expert cavers, spelunkers, climbers, adventure travelers, natural history enthusiasts and general readers will find this book fascinating.



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