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March 2018


Hitherto, 24 species of the Glyphiulus javanicus group have been recorded, all endemic to Southeast Asia, including 14 in China. Nevertheless, this species group needs further exploration. In this context, four new species of this group are described, all collected from limestone caves in Southern China: G. calceus sp. n., G. foetidus sp. n., G. guangnanensis sp. n., and G. impletus sp. n. They can be separated easily from each other and other congeners by their carinotaxic formulae, the structures of male legs I, and the gonopods. Due to the absence of any troglomorphic traits in our specimens, they may be troglophilic only.


Cave, China, Glyphiulus, Millipede, New Species, Taxonomy

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Zookeys, Vol. 741 (2018-03-07).




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